Holo Nails!

I was blogging about some rings over on my accessories blog, Bedeck, and I was asked about my nails. It seemed like the perfect subject to cover over here, too.

The base color is Zoya Song, which in itself is a beautiful blue color. The sparkle and dazzle, however, is from Orly. It’s called Be Brave, and it’s from their Pretty in Pink collection, which supports breast cancer research.

It’s a pink and blue holo bar glitter, but when light hits it, it’s all sorts of beautiful colors. It’s a little tougher to remove, but if you drench a cotton ball in remover and leave it on the nail for a minute or two, it comes off pretty easily. Plus, there’s very little tip wear; it will last a long time.

I’m really excited about the happenings over at Bedeck, so come visit me over at BedeckMe.Wordpress.com!

BOGO, Emphasis on the GO.

Once upon a time, I said that I would lay off talking about Zoya polish. We all know that’s not going to happen. I can’t stop. Now they have jellies, and frequently they have sales. And right now they’re having both. BOGO sale for those with an existing account! Here’s what’s on its way to Casa Freya:

More Zoya

The polishes are Ray, Song, Monica, Toni, Noot, Paloma, Katherine, Harley and Yara. Obviously fall and winter are on the way, based on my color choices.

My friends say I have an addiction. I guess there are worse addictions to have…

Ben-Day Dots

Today, I’m all about the spots and dots.

It started with the decision to do a stamping manicure on white. It evolved into nails reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein’s paintings, which use dots (called Ben-Day Dots, I learned).

I was also thinking that polka dots are a fresh summer look! You can have dots on anything from sunglasses to sweet summer dresses. I put together a few of my favorite dotty pieces.


Looking at what’s out there, I could have done the whole post with black and white polka dot pieces, but I wanted to throw in a variety of colors. What do you think? Dots in classic black and white, or dots in color? Or no dots at all?

(I’m pretty sure the Talbot’s dress above is the same one Amy Sedaris wears in the Downy Unstopables commercial. Only I think the neckline was re-done.)

Rainbow Nails!

Oh, Zoya.

The fantastic thing about Zoya (well, one of them) is the amazing promotions they have. I never can say no. Especially to the really good ones, like a buy 3, get 3 sale. Which happens to be going on now.

As soon as I heard about it, I went to the site and started picking out my polishes. As I checked out, I noticed something interesting about my color choices:

Zoya Rainbow

Is it a spring rainbow, or what? I can’t wait to get my new spring colors!

Go take advantage of the promotion! It lasts until Wednesday night, March 14 at 11:59 p.m. EST, so act fast! Enter the code SPRING3 in the promotion code box to get your discount.

(Oh, and this is my first yellow polish ever! I am both fearful and hopeful. We shall see!)

I Found the Line…RIGHT After I Stepped Over It.

I have been wanting a polish with some major bling to it for the festive holiday season. On impulse, I picked up a bottle of Essie’s A Cut Above.

This polish is bright pink with huge pieces of glitter in it. The first thing I noticed was the smell. The overwhelming smell. I’ve been using Zoya for so long that I am not used to the strong chemical smell of other polishes. Also, the technique is a little different–you kind of pat it on with the brush instead of smoothing it on to get maximum glitter dispensation. Other than that, it worked fantastically.

I wasn’t quite sure what to put it over, so I started with something contrasting–I grabbed my Zoya Dove (which is grey) as its companion piece on its maiden voyage. I got some compliments. It looked good.

Then I tried again, and I decided that I’d match, instead of contrast. I picked up my Zoya Emme as the best match. Now, the polish is close to Barbie pink to begin with, with a slight pearlized sheen. It’s walking the fine line for someone no longer in their teens to start with. But then you put glitter on it, and BLAM! It’s mutton dressed as lamb time. In other words–totally inappropriate. TOTALLY.

The evidence:

(The middle finger is Emme unglittered. The cotton wool threads are because I was already trying to take the stuff off. Glitter is a beeyotch to remove!)

So my conclusion is this: yes, I can wear glitter on my nails. But the trick to make it a little more sophisticated is to use a creme polish in a contrasting color. Especially if you have bright pink glitter.

Anyone else have hard lessons that they’ve learned that they can share?

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November Birchbox Review

I finally got around to reviewing my products from my November Birchbox. It was a pretty good month. But I still wish I got that pop rocks chocolate some people got in their box instead of paper letterpress coasters.

And here are the letterpress coasters I was talking about:

Note that I hiccuped at the end, but didn’t bother to edit it out. I was nearly done, so couldn’t be bothered.