Tested, Tried, VERIFIED.

My friends have gotten really serious about exercise lately. I’ve been getting serious about getting serious about exercise. (Make sense of that!) No, seriously, I’ve been trying to make it to the gym more often to get rid of the winter’s damage and to reduce stress. However, it means I’ve had to expand my workout wardrobe, because I don’t want to have to wash clothes constantly. But I can’t afford the brands my friends seem to be crazy about–namely the Lululemon yoga pants everyone loves.

However, I did stumble upon a pair of yoga pants that I LOVE. My friend Marcie bought a pair of Old Navy compression yoga pants, and they didn’t fit right. Instead of returning them, she passed them on to me! And I love them! They aren’t droopy or baggy, but they’re not too tight. The boot cut balances everything out nicely, too!

There is some variation between the regular size compression pants and the plus size. The plus size has a slightly more flattering ruched waist.

These were so flattering that I went out after my workout in them to the fancy grocery store. Fair warning–they are compression pants, so they are not VPL-proof. Wear the low-profile underwear if you’re going out.

Thanks a BILLION, Marcie! Now I want to go buy five more pairs of these fantastic compression pants. (After all, right now they’re ON SALE! ($34.94 plus 15% off!)


I Work Out

I have noticed something quite problematic at the gym. If you’re not a full-time gym bunny, it’s all free promotional tees and baggy pants for workout wear. Is there any reason you can’t look decent at the gym?

I’ll tell you a secret: I am a wee bit intimidated in my gym. Not by the ladies, actually, because they are of the aforementioned promotional tees. I am intimidated by all the hot guys. I like to work out in the cardio theater–a darkened room where they play movies. I could go into the women-only room, but it’s boring, and the only TV is a live feed from the child care room. So I work out with all the hot guys who I’m pretty sure work out for the entire duration of the movie. It also looks out on the free weights. So…much beefcake. I’d like to look halfway decent, even when I’m sweating.

I’ve decided on two different gym looks: Flashdance and Short Skirt. I’ve got some girls to my front (aka boobs), so I’m finding that doubling up on sports bras is best. I’m also basing my look on slightly showing off those bras, which I buy in bright colors. So off-the-shoulder and deep vees for me.

Flashdance-inspired Workout Clothes

Oversized shirt, $15
Champion sports activewear, $26
Champion sports activewear, $26
Mesh socks, $13
NIKE mesh shoes, $50

Sporty Shorty Athletic Wear

T shirt, $7.99
Nike activewear, $58
Forever 21 sports bra, $13
H M sports bra, £13
Puma shoes, $48

Best of all–you don’t have to be gym hot to wear these looks. I actually prefer my tennis skirt look with a longer legging; but smart girls always wear some kind of lycra underneath to prevent chafing.

I also found my gym mantra: “Strong mind, strong body.” I know I have a strong mind, now I need to use that to create a strong body.

What are you wearing to the gym? Do you have a mantra? Share!

And…since this is already in my head: