Old Navy is Looking…Old.

Poorly played, Old Navy.

Old Navy is a great resource for basic pieces, and almost every season they have some super-cute things for cheap. Not necessarily high fashion, but great for everyday wear and filler pieces like tanks, tees, yoga pants, jeans, cardigans, etc.

However, looking through the selection right now, I am sorely disappointed. There are so few hits and so many misses. Here are some trends I’ve noticed.

Hippie Dippy

The “casual vibe” of Old Navy has often lent itself to a crunchy granola vibe, but this is getting ridiculous. The shapeless shirts, dresses and skirts have gotten together and had babies. And could we please never bring back the broomstick skirt into the mainstream? Save it for patchouli-scented girl vendors at street fairs. And how many years ago now did JLo wear that hat? Tired.

Old Navy Hits and Misses 2

Awkward Boob Ruffles

Ruffles can be a great way to liven up a plain tee or tank. Ruffled necklines and ruffled hems have been a mainstay of Old Navy’s shirt selection, but these seem to just be placed without regard to human anatomy. If you are a lady with a little somethin’ up top (i.e. over a C-cup), your boobs are going to look like a country square dancer.

Old Navy Hits & Misses 2

Blah, Blah, Blah

As in “same old, same old”, and also as in “lacking color, style, or flair”. Stripes? Seen them. Over and over again. Open cardigans? Especially with the “handkerchief hem”, it’s so last season. Khaki skirts? Only if it’s part of a uniform. And the color palette of grey, mushroom, taupe, and tan, it lacks the Old Navy eye-popping color quotient.

Old Navy Hits & Misses

So are there ANY hits? Yes. There are a couple of standouts, but not too many. I’m liking the striped maxi sweater dress because it looks so comfy. I would say it’s better for a casual Sunday afternoon, and it’s fairly figure-restrictive, but I like it. A classic wool peacoat in a beautiful color or in white is timeless. Plus, you can get it in short or long. The funnel neck of the longer version is very classy, too. Tweed cuffed shorts are cute, and a good thing to get from Old Navy since I don’t think that the shorts/wool tights/ankle boots look will last much longer. I like the short sleeved sweatshirt, as it looks a bit “Flashdance” with the wide neck, and the sleeves are almost elbow-length, which is a flattering, fun length. The real standout, in my mind, is the jersey maxi dress, as it looks almost elegant. It should slink down your body, making it look longer. The v-neck adds enough skin so you’re not swallowed up by the dolman sleeve.

Old Navy Hits & Misses 4

Old Navy knot dress, $45
Old Navy crew neck top, $19
Old Navy plaid coat, $60
Old navy coat, $90
Old navy, $47
Old Navy pleated shorts, $18

Pick up your layering tanks, comfy PJ bottoms, yoga pants, and simple v-neck tees from Old Navy this season, but in my opinion, leave the rest alone. Do you agree with me, or is this your dream season for Old Navy?