Summer’s Remains: Monday

As a teacher, summer isn’t counted as a season but as a vacation. When the last of the seniors are graduated and I’ve stowed everything away until next school year, summer begins; when the calendar indicates it’s time to report back to work, the summer is over. So, by the calendar, summer ends next week for me, and I’m trying to enjoy this remaining week of vacation without too much anxiety for the upcoming school year. To celebrate the last week of summer (for me) I wanted to do a series about what I will be wearing (or wish I could be wearing).

Casual Mondays

Today was a bum around the house doing laundry and dishes day, because having the house immaculate is priority one. When I go back to school, there won’t be as much time to clean everything spotless. So I put together a casual shorts and tank top look, with a chiffon jacket for running errands. Included are the requisite cheapie Old Navy flip flops, which I spend my life in during the summer, and then put away for ten months when school starts back up.



The school year is on the verge of being over–HALLELUJAH!–and I can start thinking about what’s up next! After the summer (which will be busy in a different way), right before school starts, I will be presenting at a national teacher’s convention on using iPads in the classroom. I am both psyched and nervous! For me, the right clothes bring confidence, so I’m already thinking about what to wear! (Don’t worry, I have my started creating my presentation, too!) This is not a terribly formal group; it’s not a business suit kind of meeting. These are creative types just coming off their summer break. Since I am heartbreakingly in love with the summer collection at eShakti, I’m thinking a classic summer dress from their collection plus a pair of fun wedges. Here are my initial thoughts:

Sweet and Low

Amazing Grace


Ain't Misbehavin'


What do you think? Which combo says “creative, smart, and tech-savvy”? Opinions in the comments, please!


As part of my vintage vibe, I adore a 50’s, Pink Ladies-style cropped jean with a cuff for spring and summer. I have a pair that I’ve worn to death, and, unfortunately, washed the color right out. It’s time to go on the hunt for another dark wash jean, but it might just be time to branch out into other crop styles. I did a round-up of dark wash, modern wash, and colored crops just in time for spring/summer!


Cropped jeans
$34 –

Dorothy Perkins indigo jeans
$27 –

Wet Seal cropped cuffed jeans
$30 –

Old navy
$30 –

Electric blue jeans
$35 –

Yellow jeans
$35 –

I believe that anyone can wear a crop pant. The way your legs look determine your capri length. I favor a drop that hits at the widest part of my calf, with a cuff. That way it shows off my curvy lower legs in a positive way. Thicker ankles and shorter women should go with a higher, above or just below-the-knee crop, thin legs go with a longer crop. Try things on, see what works for you. If you like a style, never rule it out until you’ve tried all the iterations. A pair of wedge heels can add length if you’re worried about short legs.

So…do you crop?

A Closetful of Sandals

I wonder what the collective name for shoes is? Like, dogs are a pack, buffalo are a herd, crows are a murder, etc. So what are shoes? I think I’m going to choose. I’m trying to decide between two: a pounce of shoes, or a pride of shoes. Or a fever of shoes! All could describe them well.

Today, for @Janetrigs, I am providing a whole pounce/pride/fever of flat sandals, all for under $70! Ready for summer yet?

Flat Sandals under $70

Flat Sandals Under $50

Flat Sandals Under $25

What collective name would you pick for shoes?

Music Monday: Summertime Groove

Summer has its own sound. It’s fun, beachy, lighthearted. Love songs and dance songs. Perfect for time by the pool. I’ve got summer sounds on the brain right now, and here are some of my favorites for Music Monday.

Best Coast: Boyfriend

Adele: Rumour Has It

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes: Home

The Explorers Club: Do You Love Me?

It’s like hippies, stoners and the reincarnation of the Beach Boys on my summer playlist! What are your summer sounds?

Find Me a Knock-Off!

My whole philosophy, that I think I get across pretty clearly on this blog, is that you can look good, fashionable, unique, vintage, and classy without spending an arm and a leg on designer brands.  There are products out there that single girls on teacher’s salaries can afford.  But today I find myself envying the rich, because I have fallen in love with a shoe, and I cannot find an equivalent.

Behold, the Loeffler Randall sandals I crave:

So chic!  So graphic!  So $475!  I don’t have that kind of money for shoes, I’m not afraid to say.  So I figured I could find something comparable out there in the wide world of affordable fashion.

*cue sad trombones*

It didn’t happen.  Not to say I didn’t find some nice black and white patterned sandals.

There were heeled mules, like these Kelly & Katie Savannah Print Sandals.

Heels with ties, like the Unisa Dasha Print Sandals.

I found a sandal with a bold graphic on the wedge, the Bandolino Lipsy.

There were even a couple of flat versions like the original, like the Black Multi Satin T-Strap Thong Flat Sandals from my favorite hoochie retailers, Ami Clubwear.


My favorites were, of course, the most expensive, although still not anywhere near to the look of the Loeffler Randalls.  They were the Vince Camuto Kolby.

This one has me stumped.  Can anyone find me a good knock-off of the Loeffler Randalls?*  Because even my mad Google-fu isn’t working for me.


*I will also accept a donation of $475 for shoes.  Heck, The Bloggess received over $400 in donations towards a taxidermy pig dressed like Scarlett O’Hara.  Worth a shot.