What to Wear: Sporty Work Event

Remember Ellie, my friend who had a mid-winter event for her husband’s work last December? I gave her some outfit inspiration for that event, and now she’s asked me to come up with some style ideas once again. This time her husband’s work is doing a family-friendly soccer/carnival event in a soccer stadium. We decided that she should look “casual pretty; fresh, effortless, and superior to other moms.” (My words, not hers!) I came up with three ideas for this event that incorporate some fashionable trends, and are sure to make Ellie a standout!

1. Polished Shorts

Polished Shorts

Peplums are back! They are fresh and cute, and this is polished enough for a work event. I love the detail on this top, with the yellow zip up the back. Thus, the colorblocking look makes sense as soon as you turn around. This look even hints at nautical, which is always great for summer even if you’re not on the water. AVOID shorter shorts; a longer, Bermuda-style pair of shorts is more work-event appropriate.

2. Cool Crops

Cool Crops

Eyelet lace is another sweet summer trend. A smart way to wear this is to pair it with a bright color. With a green tank underneath you get a peep of that color through the eyelet over-blouse. I also love an ankle-tie sandal with crops, to show off that cute bit of ankle. One thing all these outfits have in common is a canvas tote. With a family-friendly event, Ellie will need to carry around things like sunscreen, wipes, water bottles, etc. And in a soccer stadium, you want a tote that you can set down on the grass or the concrete without worrying about it. With canvas, you can throw it in the wash or spot clean it later.

3. Trouser Jeans

Trouser Jeans

Jeans are classier when they’re a dark wash trouser jean. The top is dainty without being adorable. A little jersey shrug is included to protect from the sun or if it gets cool in the evening. I’ve paired each outfit with wedges, which are a fun summer shoe, but any of these outfits could be worn with a flat sandal or an espadrille. For a work event, I would avoid flip-flops and tennis shoes. Each outfit is functional for running around after kids, sitting in stadium seating, and riding carnival rides, while still being stylish and appropriate.

My philosophy as I put these outfits together was “Be mistaken for the CEO’s wife.” At an event like this, you represent yourself and your husband, and you want everyone to walk away thinking how classy and put-together you are, with x number of kids running around, not how you look like a harried SAHM. Dress for success, even if the success is not your own. I admire Ellie for being a smart, stylish, savvy SAHM! Thanks, Ellie, for asking me to help out!


I Work Out

I have noticed something quite problematic at the gym. If you’re not a full-time gym bunny, it’s all free promotional tees and baggy pants for workout wear. Is there any reason you can’t look decent at the gym?

I’ll tell you a secret: I am a wee bit intimidated in my gym. Not by the ladies, actually, because they are of the aforementioned promotional tees. I am intimidated by all the hot guys. I like to work out in the cardio theater–a darkened room where they play movies. I could go into the women-only room, but it’s boring, and the only TV is a live feed from the child care room. So I work out with all the hot guys who I’m pretty sure work out for the entire duration of the movie. It also looks out on the free weights. So…much beefcake. I’d like to look halfway decent, even when I’m sweating.

I’ve decided on two different gym looks: Flashdance and Short Skirt. I’ve got some girls to my front (aka boobs), so I’m finding that doubling up on sports bras is best. I’m also basing my look on slightly showing off those bras, which I buy in bright colors. So off-the-shoulder and deep vees for me.

Flashdance-inspired Workout Clothes

Oversized shirt, $15
Champion sports activewear, $26
Champion sports activewear, $26
Mesh socks, $13
NIKE mesh shoes, $50

Sporty Shorty Athletic Wear

T shirt, $7.99
Nike activewear, $58
Forever 21 sports bra, $13
H M sports bra, £13
Puma shoes, $48

Best of all–you don’t have to be gym hot to wear these looks. I actually prefer my tennis skirt look with a longer legging; but smart girls always wear some kind of lycra underneath to prevent chafing.

I also found my gym mantra: “Strong mind, strong body.” I know I have a strong mind, now I need to use that to create a strong body.

What are you wearing to the gym? Do you have a mantra? Share!

And…since this is already in my head: