Santa Fe (Wishful) Weekend

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for several months! One of my friends from home is coming to visit me. She’s never been to the Southwest, so I’ve been thinking of the best stuff around to do this weekend. I’ve thought about taking her to Santa Fe, but probably will be staying in Albuquerque. But it got me thinking about what I would love to do if I had unlimited funds (isn’t that always the case?) for a Santa Fe weekend.

The Saint Francis Hotel

Two criteria for my fantasy Santa Fe weekend: central location, and LUXURY. The St. Francis offers both. Rustic, but not too “New Mexico” (think 80’s salmon and turquoise and clay pots), I think this would be an amazing place to stay. Santa Fe isn’t really a party town, it’s more about relaxation and culture. This would be the perfect home base.

A stroll down Canyon Road is a must.

This road is lined with galleries with all manner of art. Sculptures and statuary stand outside of ancient adobe houses that showcase many different kinds of artists. It’s a visual feast, in and of itself.

Speaking of art, one of the most famous New Mexican artists of all time has a museum dedicated to her here. Get your fill of vaginal flowers at the Georgia O’Keefe Museum.

End-of-the-day relaxation would definitely be courtesy of Ten Thousand Waves. One of my favorite splurges in Santa Fe, this spa is designed like a Japanese onsen. Very zen. I recommend an amazing hour-long massage followed by a dip in the baths. The communal baths are clothing-optional, so my recommendation is definitely to go near sunset, where you have a good excuse to look at the sky instead of at the other “scenery”. Oh, and I DREAM about their crisp, cotton kimonos. I should have bought one while I had the chance.

So, those are a few places I wouldn’t mind spending my time (and money)! Anyone else live somewhere that’s worth a “staycation”? Recommendations in the comments for travelers, please!