Style Icon: Rachel McAdams

I’ve been wanting to do another Style Icon post for a while. I know there are so many gorgeous celebrities with great personal style out there, but no one was coming to mind when I thought of a style icon. So I went to my constant companions, Twitter, and asked for suggestions. I got some excellent ideas, but today, thanks to Ashley for mentioning Rachel McAdams!

First, let’s just say that I want her skin. However, this is not silence of the lambs. There will be no putting the lotion on its skin at the bottom of a pit. So breathe a sigh of relief, Rachel. And we’ll just say that lesson #1 from our style icon will be:

What are the rest? Here we go with lessons we can learn from Rachel McAdams!

2. A Big Pattern Needs a Classic Shape.

This is a best dressed moment for Rachel. This beautiful, soft watercolor pattern is nonetheless quite big and bold. The dress itself is quite a simple shape–ruched criss-cross strapless top, flowing ballgown skirt. In a plain color it might be kind of blah. But this is the perfect marriage–a major pattern on a simple dress shape. If you put bows and ruffles and sparkles, etc. on this dress, she might have ended up on a worst dressed list rather than a best dressed list.

3. Impeccable Eyebrows are Beautiful.

My skin is too sensitive to wax, so eyebrows are a constant battleground. I try to take a tweezers to them every morning, but I feel like I have no chance of ever having brows this gorgeous. Her brows are a perfect contrast to her hair color. The shape is just right for her face–a little angular, but soft. They don’t draw attention away from her beautiful eyes, but frame them perfectly.

4. Be a Chameleon.

I swear, this girl has had almost every color of hair under the sun, including pink. Of course, having celebrity hair stylists doing your color doesn’t hurt at all, but every color seems to work for Rachel. (Except the pink. I’m not a huge fan of the pink. Sorry.) I have a preference for her with brown hair, because it showcases that gorgeous skin so wonderfully. Which brings us to number five…

5. Hair Color Should Work With Your Skin Tone.

Note here, not only the different haircolor, but the different skin tone between these two pictures. Rachel is a bit more golden with the blonde hair. If she had the very pale skin with the blonde hair, she’d be washed out entirely. She makes makeup adjustments based on her hair color, too.

7. A Great Alternative to Red Lipstick: Hot Pink.

I’ve been all about the red lips for winter, as I’ve mentioned several times on this blog. And Rachel is kind of known for a perfect red lip after The Notebook. But I love this pink as an alternative to red. This pink is more spring-like than the red. However, it’s still bold and shows off Rachel’s gorgeous lip shape.

8. The Best Accessory is the Gos.

‘Nuff said.


Fug Me Friday: Squirrelly Mustaches

I recently came across this horrible sight:

Let’s attempt (after much effort) to ignore that fact that he’s borrowing Edward Cullen’s wardrobe from his “Meadow” collection and rocking the sleeveless button-up. What, in the name of all that’s holy, is crawling across his upper lip?!?

I know, gentlemen, that last month was “Movember” (aka “No Shave November”). You got past the first uncomfortable grow-out, and then discovered that it’s kind of awesome to not have to shave every morning. Your routine was streamlined. And gradually, oh so gradually, you figured that you should go back to that clean-shaven look. But in the meantime, how FUN would it be to shave it into all kinds of facial hairogami first?

I love facial hair. With a passion. But the patchy mustache or the 70’s homage leaves me cold. The gooseflesh pale skin with a coarse mustache is not a good look. I’ll put up with some rug burn from good stubble, but those mustaches should never come near me.

Full groomed beard. Stubble. Clean-shaven. Well-tended goatee IF it looks good on you. Those are your options, gentlemen. Avoid the mustache, for everyone’s sake. Don’t follow the hipsters down that dark road. Because that road…leads to Joaquin Phoenixville.