Is My Glam Bag the New Birchbox?

Short answer: no.

I made a little video to explain My Glam Bag, take a look at the products, and talk about my expectations vs. my reality.



Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull Makeup Look

The number one search term on my website is Dia de los Meurtos. One post last Halloween, and it makes me popular all year ’round. I figure resources must be in short supply for Sugar Skull makeup, so I thought I’d do another post on this topic. It’s a great Halloween look, and so much sexier than a tiny skirt and lots of boobs.

First, for inspiration:

Do a Google Image search for Sylvia Ji. Sylvia Ji is an artist with the most gorgeous sugar skull images. Skulls + pin-ups + a little Frida Kahlo seems to be the magical combination.

Second, get the right materials.

I would venture to say you can hardly even start with a Sugar Skull look without NYX Cosmetics. NYX pencils are widely available; I know you can get the entire color range at Ulta. NYX Milk pencil is perfect to create the soft white skin tone needed. They can be patted and blended and smoothed. You will have to be careful not to touch your face too much (and an especially wild Halloween with drunken snogging will be especially dangerous for the Sugar Skull makeup) so it won’t smear, because it doesn’t dry. Fortunately the Sugar Skull face doesn’t require too much fine work; more bold colors and shapes are required. NYX also makes some good, cheap fake lashes, and I am adoring the idea of glamour lashes with this makeup. If you want, Ben Nye also makes a good clown white. You could even mix it with flesh tone foundation to make it a little softer in color.

For the hair, Forever 21 has some sweet rose clips. The Vibrant Floral Clip is actually quite lovely and amazing; I love the brown one for this look as it almost looks like dried roses.

And now for the piece de resistance…some great YouTube tutorials. Good luck, and enjoy!

Cheap, Chic, Revolutionary

This morning, our secretary complimented my eyes.  It was amazing, since she kind of hates me.  Oh, well, the feeling is mutual.  But there’s a good reason why my eye makeup has been looking better than ever lately.  I changed my technique by adding a smudged thick line of NYX eye pencil.  Purple is the best.  I am so happy that I found NYX Cosmetics!


I line my waterline with black eyeliner first, then I take one of the jumbo NYX liner pencils and line the top and bottom rims.  And usually it looks kind of sloppy.  Then I just gently smudge the lines with a fingertip.  And then it looks good!  Easy.


The best part of NYX cosmetics is that they are professional-quality cosmetics that are cheaper than drugstore cosmetics.  They offer really good value for the money.  They have a wide selection, as well.  Both your everyday cosmetics and glittery special occasion stuff.


Speaking of which, I desperately want some of their fancy fake lashes.  I’m a sucker for such things.  And such fun shapes and colors!  Sure, I really have nowhere to wear such things, but I still want it.  Plus, it’s an inexpensive indulgence.

You can pick up a NYX kit for a really good price (112 eyeshadows for $35 is pretty cheap!).  For equivalent kits from MAC, you would pay a couple hundred dollars.  You can experiment with new colors and textures this way.

NYX saved my butt a few years back.  I decided it would be a good idea to lighten my eyebrows up for summer, so I did a little at-home bleaching.  It looked really good, and I was pleased with the outcome.  Then I went on a class trip to Hawaii.  By day two, I noticed something quite odd–my eyebrows had partially turned highlighter yellow in the sun!  I had to live with it all week, but when I got back to California, I had to find a solution.  NYX was the only company that offered a light brown eyebrow pencil that helped balance out my bright yellow eyebrows.  LIFESAVER!

Right now, HauteLook is having a NYX sale event.  Six jumbo eye pencils for $16.50!  I can confidently suggest any of the eyeliners and the Doll Eye mascara.  If you don’t have a membership to HauteLook and would like an invite, let me know in the comments!