Holo Nails!

I was blogging about some rings over on my accessories blog, Bedeck, and I was asked about my nails. It seemed like the perfect subject to cover over here, too.

The base color is Zoya Song, which in itself is a beautiful blue color. The sparkle and dazzle, however, is from Orly. It’s called Be Brave, and it’s from their Pretty in Pink collection, which supports breast cancer research.

It’s a pink and blue holo bar glitter, but when light hits it, it’s all sorts of beautiful colors. It’s a little tougher to remove, but if you drench a cotton ball in remover and leave it on the nail for a minute or two, it comes off pretty easily. Plus, there’s very little tip wear; it will last a long time.

I’m really excited about the happenings over at Bedeck, so come visit me over at BedeckMe.Wordpress.com!


BOGO, Emphasis on the GO.

Once upon a time, I said that I would lay off talking about Zoya polish. We all know that’s not going to happen. I can’t stop. Now they have jellies, and frequently they have sales. And right now they’re having both. BOGO sale for those with an existing account! Here’s what’s on its way to Casa Freya:

More Zoya

The polishes are Ray, Song, Monica, Toni, Noot, Paloma, Katherine, Harley and Yara. Obviously fall and winter are on the way, based on my color choices.

My friends say I have an addiction. I guess there are worse addictions to have…

Test Drive: OPI Silver Shatter & China Glaze Crushed Candy

After my failed attempts at picking up a bottle of OPI Silver Shatter right after the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection came out, I finally got a bottle! Ulta had a shatter display with all the different colors of OPI shatter. Except they were sold out of turquoise shatter. I got a bottle of the silver, and, on a whim, got a bottle of China Glaze Crackle Glaze, too.

All the colors in the Pirates collection are pastels, so I decided to lay down a pastel base coat and cover it will silver shatter. I used Zoya’s Marley, a pale purple shade. I put the silver shatter over it, and it just read as silver. I couldn’t really see the purple underneath.

I wanted more contrast, so I started over again. I wanted a color that was vivid, but still summery. I decided to try again with Zoya Brooke, a deep pink duochrome shimmer.

I really liked the outcome. The silver was visible, and went well with the pink. The silver shatter was more glittery than I expected, judging on the black shatter, I thought it would be more matte. But I like it even better than the black! It is a fantastic effect.

Even though my polish was holding up, a couple days later I decided I wanted to try the China Glaze. I started with a base coat of MAC Formidable, which was a limited-edition polish in the MAC Venomous Villains collection last year. It is a deep plum with a turquoise glitter in it.

Then I added the China Glaze Crushed Candy topcoat, which is a light turquoise blue. I’m finding that the secret to crackle topcoat is just to go quick and not to worry about how messy it looks. It starts to dry almost right away, so if you take too much time, it reduces the crackle effect. If you want lots of crackle, go for a thin coat. If you want a little crackle, paint on a thick coat.

I went with a thick coat.

Excuse the fact that this is totally not cleaned up.

And, being fickle, I did not like it, removed it, and started over. It’s my way.

Second time I decided to go with Zoya’s Akyra, a metallic teal shimmer, and a thin coat of Crushed Candy.

And…I kind of liked it! Enough to stop breathing nail polish fumes for the day.

In conclusion: I like OPI Silver Shatter better than China Glaze Crushed Candy; the sparkle makes it look a little less lumpy. Also, thin coat over thick coat. I also tried out Orly’s Top 2 Bottom base and topcoat, which seems to work very well.

Tried any other shatters lately? Tell me about your test drives!

Last Time (Although I May Be Lying)

So, apparently nail polish is my new “thing”. It never used to be, I actually wrote about it on this blog. I’ve been filing and shaping and polishing my nails. So I have a new awareness of all things polish-y. And, of course, my recent obsession is Zoya. I mentioned their promo teases on Sunday, so I thought I would follow up with the details. I hope you had your account on Zoya made, otherwise, you’re out of luck!

Turns out the big promo is a BOGO (buy one, get one) promotion from their three new summer collections. Inspired by fashion week and the brights of summer, the three collections are Summertime, Sunshine, and ModMatte. For each bottle you buy, you get one free, up to seven bottles (seven purchased, seven free for a total of fourteen).

The Summertime collection is a vibrant cream collection with some eye-popping colors. I think my favorite is the strong turquoise, Breezi. I’m also liking the bluer of the two purples, Mira.

Zoya also made some short videos to show off their new collections and how they tie in with the summer fashions.

Zoya Sunshine is a metallic collection. Each of the polishes have a bit of gold metallic to them, like rays of sunshine. This is especially striking in Faye, the purple shade. I’m really liking the coral, Rica, since I don’t see a lot of corals that I like. The Reva is also a color with a lot of depth to it.

The collection I’m the most excited about is the ModMatte collection. Yes, it’s totally ’80’s, especially the shocking chartreuse. The colors are straight off a pair of Jams on the Cali coast. (If you know what I’m talking about, you win an awesomeness award.) I’m all about the matte nails right now, but all the mattes available have been winter colors–greys, dark blues, and purples. But these mattes are ready for summer! I think that the matte magenta, Lolly, is definitely going to be the first color in my cart.

So now I’m trying to decide–will it be 2 polishes? Four? Six? I think that I could certainly find some colors I like in these collections.

My title today is “Last Time”–I’m going to try to move on from Zoya for a while, because it has gotten a LOT of attention from me. But we’ll see…I make no promises. 🙂

What would you pick from the Zoya summer collections?

More Zoya Pimpage

Real quick note for tonight:

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I’m a big fan of Zoya nail polish. For a couple of weeks now, Zoya has been teasing about a BIG promotion coming up. The only catch is, you have to have an account on Zoya.com. You don’t have to purchase anything to make an account; it’s free. If you are interested, sign up–there’s no obligation to buy anything. You do have to have an account before the promotion begins; the deadline for getting an account is tomorrow, Sunday the 20th, by 5 p.m. EST. If it’s a good enough promotion, you know I’ll be talking about it here.

Sign up now!

Why Am I So Late Knowing This?!? MAC Jeanius

I like to be on the cutting edge. Call it competitiveness, call it a fear of being left behind, call it whatever you like. I WANT TO BE TOP BLOGGER! Oh, lordy. Stop me.

So I went from euphoria to disappointment in no time flat tonight when I discovered the MAC 2011 Spring Collection, Jeanius, and then discovered that I’m about two weeks behind the “sneak peek” status, because it’s already out. *Sigh.* But it’s AMAZING, and I WANT IT. (Oh, it just came out TODAY! Okay, I feel better now.)

LOOK AT THESE EYESHADOWS! Go ahead. Look at them. I’ll wait while you “squeeeeeee”! Yes, they look like a belt loop and a rivet on a pair of jeans. YES, THEY DO! Aren’t they adorable? Don’t you want them all? Just me? I LOVE the dark blue with the copper “rivet” (a.k.a. “Motorhead”), and White Jeanius which is the white and silver combo. But I will take them all.

The lipsticks are a cool-complexioned gal’s dream. With the blue undertones, they all look wearable for pale skin like mine. I love a dark lipstick, so I’m drawn to the darkest shade, Riveting Rose, but I also want to try the middle shade, Pretty Please. Plus, of course, coordinating Lipglasses, so WIN.

Then, HI. Nail Lacquers. My favorite part of any MAC collection. I WILL HAVE BIKER BLUE. Toes with the blue shimmer in flip flops, and the white with pink pearl on my fingernails? YES, INDEEDY! (The white is called Frayed to Order, by the way.)

And, unlike the Wonder Woman collection, everything but the eyeliner and one of the lipsticks is limited edition. It feels special.

What do you think? Are you DYING? Or do you think I’m crazy?

Music Monday: Guilty Pleasures (and Updates!)

I’m shamed.

I have a handful of songs that are stand-alones.  I don’t own the whole album, in other words.  And basically, I don’t own the whole album because I’m kind of embarrassed over the songs to begin with.  But they’re just so darn catchy!

California Gurls by Katy Perry

This song will forever say summer 2010 to me. It was the perfect song for hot summer days, visits to California, and being free from work.

Evacuate the Dancefloor by Cascada

Okay, this is an awesome dance song. Ignore the German chatter at the beginning, because the unplugged version is actually kind of amazing.

Tik Tok by Ke$ha

I’m really ashamed now, after seeing this video. It’s a catchy tune, but this highlights everything that is cringe-worthy about Ke$ha–her hair looks like a rat’s nest, she has no breath control, her butt cheeks are showing, and she looks drunk. But I love a hot mess.

LiLi sent me these to get through Monday.

I love her.

Got a pedicure tonight with my brand-new, straight-outta-the-box MAC polish, Sly as a Fox. First of all, the dude who did my toes thinned the polish without asking. SACRILEGE! Second, the verdict is…uncertain. I was hoping for it to be a little more red and a little less brown. I didn’t love it in the nail salon. However, in less light, I like it a little more. We’ll see over the course of a few days.

Guilty pleasures? Updates? Share them (I almost typed “shame them”) in the comments!