Music Monday: Instrumental

Happy Monday! Well, we’ll pretend it’s happy…

My students know that every Friday, we write. They all have journals and they are free to write about any topic. Part of this process is me putting music on to inspire them. I learned quickly that music with lyrics in English are distracting; I play instrumental, classical, or world music instead. And I love it, because it exposes them to music that they would never have heard otherwise. For Music Monday, here are some of my favorite instrumental pieces that I play for my students.

Explosions in the Sky First Breath After Coma

DJ Shadow Organ Donor

Braveheart Sons of Scotland

That’s what we’re listening to! Any favorite instrumental albums? I’m always looking for new stuff.


Music Monday is BACK! We’re FOLKED!

After too long of a departure over the holidays, in where I missed out on the opportunity to tell you about my favorite Christmas music (I guess that will be December 2011’s Music Monday. [Hint: Pink Martini!]), it’s time for the first Music Monday of the new year!  And I decided to pay homage to some indie/folk bands.  Today I was scrolling through my iPod and I didn’t know what to listen to.  I feel like everything is stale; that I’ve listened to everything a million times.  My finger landed on Mumford & Sons, and I knew that was the ticket.  I know Heyyybrother (aka Danielle) loves Mumford & Sons, and I wanted to say I GET IT. Finally.

Mumford & Sons

The Cave

I wanted to play this song ten times today. I love the way the music rises and falls, and the pace increases as the chorus. Just amazing.

Arcade Fire

My Body is a Cage

This is certainly a rip-your-heart-out song. The slow, melancholy style of this song has made me cry more than once. The lyrics, “My body is a cage…but my mind holds the key” give me goosebumps.

Iron & Wine

Naked as We Came

YES, I discovered Iron & Wine through the Twilight soundtrack. Whatever you might think about the Twilight series of movies, they have some great music. I resisted putting the song Flightless Bird, American Mouth here and went with another amazing song instead, but I’ll admit that every time I hear that song, it transports me to a time in my life filled with a lot of emotion. It’s evocative.

Like these? Any other Folk bands on your playlist?