Wednesday Wants: Stuff My Stocking

I think I’m the easiest one in my family to buy stocking stuffers for. (Yes, we’re still doing stockings as grown-ups.) My dad and brother are harder–things that they want that could fit in a stocking are generally expensive and electronic. I think the perfect stocking stuffers are fun and quirky and kitschy. So, I thought I’d show you what Santa could put in my stocking this year for my Wednesday Wants.

Pink Elephant Dish Scrubber Brush

I actually have a dish brush on my Christmas list! I doubt I’ll get one quite this cute, but I would love to have this little guy on the side of my sink.

Bag in the USSR Toiletries Bag

Possibly a little big for the stocking, but it could be stocking-adjacent! I love the retro Soviet feel of this bag. And I’m a little bit obsessed with finding the perfect toiletries bag. I am still looking for one just the right size with just the right feel. Maybe this is it? Probably not, but I would still love to add it to my collection!

1960’s Vintage Inspired Gold Tone Pen Necklace

Calling my Joan Holloway Harris fantasy! I’ve talked about this pen before, but never gotten it. I want it!

Spiderweb Lace Cylinder with Wooden Matches

Winter is for candles and fires in the fireplace. I like to keep a box of matches around, but most matchboxes are kind of ugly. I love the idea of having a decorative matchbox, and this is perfect. A little Gothic for the fireplace.

Paper Eyelashes

I have no idea where I would wear these intricately cut decorative lashes, but I’ve been wanting them ever since I saw them. Even if I just wore them around the house to clean toilets, it would make me happy.

Fashion Boo Boos Bandages

I have a style aversion to flesh-toned bandages. Instead, I have Curious George bandages, Tiki bandages, Cammo bandages, and Bling bandages. I would love to add these cutesy, girly bandages to my collection.

Stila Make an Impression in Moscow Makeup Palette

Four icy-cool eyeshadows and a dual lip and cheek cream would be a perfect stocking stuffer. Perfect for adding a winter look to your makeup collection, these colors look like rosy lips and cheeks fresh from a walk in the snow.

Blammo Comic Headband

I could be a comic-book hero with this headband! This embroidered headband from Etsy seller Janine Basil is the piece that I’m most tempted by right now. I think I could pull it off, right?

No coal for anyone! What should be in your stocking? (Or, you know, your Jewmas sock?)