This Week Inspired By…

Everybody needs some inspiration. My inspirations for this week:

Lola Montez

Not admirable, but jaw-dropping. In brief (there is so much more than this!): An Irish girl who went to Spain, learned to dance (badly), went to Bavaria (pretending she was Spanish), performed a tarantella dance where she pretended there were spiders all over her skirt (just so she could lift it high). Carried a whip. Bedded a king (Ludwig of Bavaria), who built her a castle. Got chased out of Bavaria by angry Bavarians. Opened a cabaret in California during the Gold Rush, where she was the only performer. Died alone and unrecognized on the streets of New York. My favorite Lola story is as follows: She had an affair with composer Franz Liszt (a notorious womanizer himself). His exit strategy out of that relationship was to lock her into their hotel room while she slept, and leave money at the front desk for all the furniture he knew she would break when she woke up. And yes, “Whatever Lola Wants” is based on Lola Montez.

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

This Tumblr account is rocking my world.* Pictures of hot guys throughout history.

*(This guy’s plaid pants are also rocking my world.)

The Week’s Mantra:

Song of the Week (or the month, or the year, or until I get tired of it, which seems like will NEVER happen)

Gotye featuring Kimbra
Somebody I Used to Know

What are your inspirations for the week ahead?