In Praise of Cheap Sunglasses

I love the packaging for expensive glasses. The hard case, with the satin lining, and the soft bag containing the fancy, branded glasses. I remember once incident when a gentleman of my acquaintance, whom one might consider frugal (to put it kindly), bought a pair of Wayfarers. They were the most expensive sunglasses he had ever purchased, and he packed them away with such reverence after every wearing.

As much as I like the packaging, I don’t need Wayfarers. I’d rather buy a Forever 21 cheap knockoff in a floral print. I don’t know about everyone else, but my sunglasses rarely end up in their bag, in the case, carefully put away without a scratch after every wearing. Mine are more likely to end up in the bottom of my purse, in my passenger’s seat, or on top of my head for hours. I cannot guarantee the safety of my sunglasses. If I bought expensive ones, I would surely end up crying.

Certainly, there’s name brand recognition with the expensive brands; I know who you’re wearing when it’s on the arms of the glasses, but I don’t really care about brands. Sorry. I still get plenty of people admiring my style, even when it’s cheap. I’ve only had one person express disappointment when I told her that the boots she had admired on me were inexpensive, and I happened to be window shopping in an expensive boutique at the time.

Lastly, with cheap sunglasses I can have a variety. I can match my sunglasses to my outfit or my mood. I can try crazy styles and not worry if they don’t work on me. If they break, I can have a moment of sadness, but also have a backup pair on hand.

I just found a goldmine in, where all the sunglasses are around $5 apiece, so I bought four pairs. Even though it’s two posts about eyewear in one week, I couldn’t wait to share some of my recent finds! Time for a mid-summer sunglasses wardrobe refresh?

Cheap Sunglasses


Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull Makeup Look

The number one search term on my website is Dia de los Meurtos. One post last Halloween, and it makes me popular all year ’round. I figure resources must be in short supply for Sugar Skull makeup, so I thought I’d do another post on this topic. It’s a great Halloween look, and so much sexier than a tiny skirt and lots of boobs.

First, for inspiration:

Do a Google Image search for Sylvia Ji. Sylvia Ji is an artist with the most gorgeous sugar skull images. Skulls + pin-ups + a little Frida Kahlo seems to be the magical combination.

Second, get the right materials.

I would venture to say you can hardly even start with a Sugar Skull look without NYX Cosmetics. NYX pencils are widely available; I know you can get the entire color range at Ulta. NYX Milk pencil is perfect to create the soft white skin tone needed. They can be patted and blended and smoothed. You will have to be careful not to touch your face too much (and an especially wild Halloween with drunken snogging will be especially dangerous for the Sugar Skull makeup) so it won’t smear, because it doesn’t dry. Fortunately the Sugar Skull face doesn’t require too much fine work; more bold colors and shapes are required. NYX also makes some good, cheap fake lashes, and I am adoring the idea of glamour lashes with this makeup. If you want, Ben Nye also makes a good clown white. You could even mix it with flesh tone foundation to make it a little softer in color.

For the hair, Forever 21 has some sweet rose clips. The Vibrant Floral Clip is actually quite lovely and amazing; I love the brown one for this look as it almost looks like dried roses.

And now for the piece de resistance…some great YouTube tutorials. Good luck, and enjoy!

Wednesday GOTS! The Birthday Edition

Happy Birthday to me!

Today I went shopping to buy myself a couple of little presents. So instead of wanting, I’m getting!

You may wonder, out of all the stuff I love and recommend on this blog, how much do I actually own or buy? The answer, sadly is VERY LITTLE. I’m never going to be able to be one of those bloggers who take pictures of themselves in designer clothes on a city street in a hip neighborhood. I don’t have that kind of scratch, people. I’M A TEACHER. But this blog has been kind of dangerous; I’ve bought some things because I just fell in love with them.

I’ve already mentioned stuff I already love and use, like Capri Blue Soy Candles, Tokyo Milk, NYX Cosmetics, and Zoya nail polish. Due to this blog, I’ve bought MAC products from the Tartan line and the Jeanius collection. I got the Jonathan Beauty Water Filter and the ModCloth smart phone driving gloves for Christmas. And I actually bought the Who’s That Girl dress from my first One Dress, Four Ways post. And it didn’t fit, and I had to return it. Sadness.

Today for my birthday I put my money where my mouth is, and bought some stuff that I’ve been wanting. First up, I bought the Black Shatter polish from OPI. I tried it with the hot pink Lolly polish from Zoya, and it looks awesome. I also was a good blogger and informed the counter girls at ULTA about the coming of more shatter polishes. They didn’t know.

ULTA has Zoya! Only the Intimate Collection, but I wanted to encourage them to continue to stock the line, so I felt the need to be supportive. So I bought the very last Marley in the store. It actually didn’t have a label on it; I had to look it up online to know the name of the color.

I headed over to Sephora, more out of need than want. I was nearly out of foundation. I realized that I said I used Korres Watermelon Tinted Moisturizer, but I realized I actually use the Korres Ginger &Vitamins Foundation. It’s all good. (Although secretly I wish I liked the Rosewater Foundation formula better, because it smells beautiful.)

I often offer up Forever 21 as a good place for inexpensive accessories and up-to-the-moment styles. I did a little style scouting there, and came up with this bag that I LOVE.

And for only $18! The only drawback is that the zippers on each side actually have no pockets underneath them. They’re purely decoration; you couldn’t even fit a pencil in there. I’d kind of like a pocket, but oh, well. The only problem with shopping in Forever XXI is that there’s a distinct possibility that I’ll run into one of my students there. Which I did. But when she saw the bag in my hand, she said “You have such great style, Ms. M!”

And isn’t admiration one of the greatest birthday presents of all?

Wednesday Wants–Late. Jersey Shore Edition, which should make up for the lateness.

I have a secret (in my real life)/not-so-secret (on Twitter) love of Jersey Shore. I anticipate the sweet sweetness of watching those morons beat on each other and spread their venereal diseases around. Every Jersday, I tune in, let my brain go on vacation, and watch Snooki & co. get drunk and show their vajays/abs to the world. It’s blissful.

My friend Ashli tweeted a link to a tee-shirt tonight that I totally want. So Jersey Shore is now going to inform this post, as I want things that are slightly trashy, with a touch o’class.

Here’s the tee-shirt in question:

MVP (Mike, Vinnie and Pauly) have a changing ritual before they go out to the clubs where they change into their tee-shirts and sing a little song that goes “It’s TEE-SHIRT TIIIIIIIME!” It’s beautiful. Makes me weep with joy.

That wee midget Snooki loves her some knee-high socks. While I might not want to wear mis-matched socks with stars or stripes on them out in public, I sure do like these

…for wearing around the house.

Jersey Shore style is all about the tight and the short. Not at all my style. But I have to say, if I had the body…

I might not mind wearing this out. Although I’m sure that the neckline is way too high for your typical Jersey Shore girl. But you won’t look like a grenade, guaranteed.

And last but not least…

A little something for my Snooki pouf. As JWoww said in tonight’s episode as they sprayed their hair to high heaven, “It’s a good thing none of us has asthma.”

And as a little bonus–in case you need to do your makeup just like Snooki–let me introduce you to Glowpinkstah, who makes the most ahem innovative makeup tutorials on YouTube.