Not for Sleeping


I saw this one coming down the pike. I put 2 + 2 together and came up with Downton Abbey. I saw bed jackets from a mile away.

Well, actually, they’re called a bunch of stuff–flyaway cardigans, jackets, chiffon cardigans, kimonos, etc. But they are old-fashioned, girly bed jackets. Loose, waist-length jackets in lightweight lingerie fabrics with wide sleeves for easy on/off capabilities. Mostly used for a bit of seduction than for any real purpose.

Now they are day wear! I bought two today: one in a floral chiffon, cream background with peach, hot pink, seafoam green, yellow, etc., and one in a silky fabric, with black background and purples and pinks in the florals. So pretty! Perfect for summer, too, with their breezy pull on/pull off design.

Bed Jackets

What do you think? Are you ready for a bed jacket? Or is it too “underwear as outerwear” for you?



If I ever get a red carpet moment, I want it to be in Dior.

Okay, totally not realistic. I don’t anticipate needing a Dior dress anytime soon, but I am obsessed with the iconic fashion house of Dior. There is something about Dior that is always ladylike, always feminine, always dramatic. The wasp waists, the crossover tops and jackets, the peplum and the full skirt create a drastic hourglass shape, which is my favorite womanly silhouette.

Unfortunately, the Dior look is hard to come by on a budget. I have a hard time finding the dramatic silhouettes that Dior favors. (A crinoline works wonders to fluff out a lackluster full skirt, though.) I think it would also be a bit odd on a Wednesday to walk down the street in runway Dior. (Especially the see-through button-downs Dior showed in the last couture collection!) So how to incorporate Dior flare into everyday clothing on a budget?

Since I am ever-vigilant, I searched high and low to find a selection of Dior-ified dresses and outfits. I so hope the obi belt comes back, as it is the perfect waist cincher! The floral motifs in the outfits echo Dior’s embroidered florals in the couture collection, as well as past collections that have been flower-based.

Dior-Inspired Outfits

The dresses are in bright colors and beautiful cuts. The red dress rocks my socks right off. It’s a British brand, but they do ship the states–I checked. I love the trim on the cowl neck, so reminiscent of the couture collection a couple of seasons ago. It’s so feminine and yet so bold–so very Dior.

Dior-Inspired Dresses

If you were on the red carpet and reports asked “what are you wearing?” what dream designer would you be clothed in?

Fug Me Friday: Fug on the Edge

Remember Dirty Dancing? If you haven’t seen it, quit reading this blog right now, for you are not my people. Or quit reading it, go see it, and come back to reading my blog. Okay, it’s just us cool kids now. So, remember that scene where Lisa Houseman was practicing her slightly off-key hula song, and then dropped the bomb that she was going to do a little dirty sheet dancing with that preppy waiter guy?


Note her shorts. Fish shorts. Shorts with fish on them. Or, as I see every time I look at it: fish crotch.



The latest thing seems to be a slightly more fragrant version of fish crotch: floral crotch.

Skinny floral pants seem to be cropping up as we head into spring, and I just don’t know if I can support this at all. First of all, LiLo is wearing it. That has to be a bad sign. Never trust a girl who is quickly turning herself into Donatella Versace.

She’s not the only starlet around town rocking the trend. It’s out there.

I can’t help but think of all the pitfalls of this look, however. Heaven forbid you get a wedgie; you’d look like you were using your crack for a vase!

Not to mention how rich a mine this would be for the wags who wants to joke about your “lady garden”.

Those young folks.

And Charlotte Church is rocking a rather 90’s version of the trend. I think I owned these in college. Stop going through my trash, C.C.!

I do have to give Mr. Steven Tyler some props. It takes some balls to wear florals. I’m not saying they look good, though.

Sometimes I look at the floral pants and think, “maybe I’ll eventually like them.” Next summer, or even later this year. But then I think, “if the Material Girl couldn’t even do them justice in her prime, what hope do the rest of us have?”

Floral skinnies? Fishcrotch? Would you try either? What if you could carry a watermelon?

Accessories Challenge!

I love Twitter, if you hadn’t already figured it out. Sometimes I wonder what people want to read here, and then someone tweets me with the perfect suggestion!

It was SassySmart a.k.a. Shane who came up with the idea for today’s post. She owns this pretty Anne Klein shirt dress, only in white. She usually puts it with a turquoise necklace and tangerine heels (fabulous!) but was looking for some new ideas. I tried to put the picture of the dress into the accessory sets, but the model looked like she was disapproving of everything I put together. Total bitchface to all ideas. Pssshhh.


White is a great “blank canvas” for accessories. I love some color, so some of my ideas have vivid color, but I mixed it up with florals, pastels, and even a black and white look. There’s a little something for every mood!

Organic elements and bright green patent leather make up the first look. This is a good early spring way to wear the dress, since you can wear the jacket and stay warm.

Green Machine

Leather jacket, $29
Zara ballet flat, $9.99
ASOS body bag, $27
Forever 21 jewelry, $5.80
Oasis chunky necklace, $18

Don’t worry about the naysayers–red and pink make a fantastic combination. They remind me of a beautiful rose garden, so I incorporated some floral elements into this set. I kind of took The Secret Garden as my inspiration, too, with keys in the necklace and a wrap-around key ring.

Girly Garden Party

LORD TAYLOR long sleeve top, $30
Wedge shoes, $23
Lucky brand jewelry, $33
Blu Bijoux metal flower necklace, $18
Korres Lip Butter, £6

As a lover of the Pacific Coast, I love the colors of the ocean, and the color of sea glass. I used that as an inspiration, plus the fresh idea of wearing a scarf with the shirt dress.

Butterflies and Beach Glass

Duegi leather high heels, $49
Shoulder handbag, $40
Green stone jewelry, $44
Angie Gooderham beaded jewelry, $27
1928 beaded earrings, $12
Vera scarve, $26
Forever 21 belt, $3.50

NOW we’re getting a little crazy. My original idea was to use crystal jewelry, because the buttons on the dress are wood, and then I could incorporate some natural elements. Well, this necklace took me down the rabbit hole. Crystal, yes, but gorgeous rock candy style crystals. And of course, a flashy pair of heels. I had to.

Rock Candy

ASOS platform shoes, $47
Clear necklace, $24
Clear crystal earrings, $17
M·A·C Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15, $15

Last but not least, a monochrome look! Bold black and white pieces to go with the crisp white dress. Also, I love the black leather sash. Remove the self-belt included with the dress and make it more dramatic.

Monochrome Mania

Naughty Monkey high heel pumps, $48
Oxford shoes, $36
White House Black Market black bangle, $38
Vince Camuto black jewelry, $38
Zara wide belt, $30

How would you accessorize a white shirt dress?