Fug Me Friday: The Pauly D Blowout

In a kind of mini “part 2” to my Jersey Shore post yesterday, I thought I would mention something that really DOESN’T work for me: Pauly D’s hair. In my neck of the woods, it actually is a rather popular hairstyle. This gravity-defying hairstyle, ostensibly styled in a wind tunnel, employs a ton of hair gel. I believe it might be impossible to actually run one’s fingers through.

This is the original and still the best. But he’s not the only one in entertainment with that style. Zach Efron was recently spotted with a modified blowout.

Oh, Zefron, that’s not how you mend a broken heart.

Apparently this is some guy on a professional football team (note how much I know about such things):

Molto Guido. And it has definitely made its way into the masses, for people who GTL together, and want to look alike in their d-bagginess:

(The crispy tan and duckface is definitely a BONUS.)

However, this remains one of my favorite moments ever:

Oh, Michael Cera. I heart you.