Summer’s Remains: Friday

Day two of Nashville shenanigans.  For running around the city today, I’m going to continue on with a day counterpart to last night’s vintage look.  A little nautical look, courtesy of Cherry Velvet (except I don’t have all the tattoos that the model has!).

Full Retro

Since I’m going retro with the dress, might as well go all the way.  Retro accessories like a pair of cat eye sunglasses as a charm bracelet or two help achieve the complete look.  A small shrug is a must for the transition into aggressively air-conditioned indoor spaces.  The orange sandals seem out-of-place until you actually see the dress; the parts that seem red in the pattern are actually orange.  The finishing touch is a striped canvas bag with a rope handle to tie everything together.  Retro enough to be original, but ordinary enough to not look like a costume while out and about.


eShakti Review

I stalk eShakti’s website, but I have never managed to actually order clothing from there until recently. I love their clothing, but wasn’t quite sure about ordering. All those options! What with all the customization they offer, I wasn’t sure what the quality would be like, especially as I had seen a review of their clothing with an awful set of sleeves tacked onto a sleeveless dress, which the customer promptly took off again. However, over the 4th, they had a sale, and I decided to dive right in. I ordered two dresses and a top, and now that they’ve all arrived, I wanted to give a brief review of my experience.

In brief:

eShakti Review

The colorblock dress was in the overstock section. Since it was overstock, there was no customization available. It was the first item to arrive, and it was absolutely perfect! Maybe a little low, but great for summer, and so retro chic!

The t-shirt I customized with a cap sleeve. The quality is great, the sleeve looks organic with the top, as if it was designed that way. The ties ended up being WAY longer than pictured; tied, they were as long as the shirt. I ended up tying them in a bow instead, which actually looks good, and not overly girly.

The turquoise dress, however, was a panic-attack-inducing failure. I say “panic-attack-inducing” as I had a moment of freak-out. My exact thoughts were “I got my boobs in here, but I may never get them out! If I have to cut myself out of this dress, I won’t get to return it!” I had customized the dress with short, tie-up sleeves and a wide, deep neckline. Which all looked good until I tried to put it on. eShakti used to ask for a couple of free customization options; it still asks for your height, but no longer asks about the size of your bust. I wish it had, then I might have had better luck with this dress.

So I’ll be checking out their returns department. They say they have a gift card + 20% on returns instead of a refund, which I’d actually like to take advantage of. The amount that I love the stuff that does fit much outweighs the amount I’m disappointed over the turquoise dress. I will definitely be ordering again!

The Lady of Shalott

Recently I’ve been studying poetry with my seniors, and we studied Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s The Lady of Shalott, a poem about the Arthurian lady who was cursed to sit outside of life, never participating in it, only weaving the scenes she can see from a mirror. When she dared to look out upon the world, specifically upon the perfect Sir Lancelot, she was punished with death. A dramatic death, at least, where she floated down river in a boat, singing as she died. Kind of thorny, from a feminist perspective, but I have always loved the romanticism of the poem. Complimenting this romanticism, John William Waterhouse, the Pre-Raphaelite painter, painted the seminal work on this poem, portraying a pale redhead in a flowing gown wrapped in a tapestry she wove.

I decided to do a take on that painting for a romantic summer outfit. If you went out in a medieval dress, you’d get some stares, so instead we change it to a white maxi dress with orange flowers that pick up on the tones in the tapestry. The Lady of Shalott is holding chains in her hand, so that detail is being picked up in the shoes. She’s wearing a triple strand of chunky amber beads (very stylish!); the budget version is beautiful chunky orange stones with a crystal bead.

Inspired by The Lady of Shalott

Pre-Raphaelite romanticism, all ready for a summer day! Grab a fringed shawl for a chilly night, and you’re perfectly dressed.

All There in Black and White

The perfect winter pick-me-up? Houndstooth! This bold, graphic pattern is both classic and eye-catching. You can go all-over houndstooth, like a dress or a coat, or just have a pattern pop with an accessory. And the shoes–my goodness, the shoes are DIVINE. I lust over the Sugar Moragami boot.

For Love of Houndstooth

American Apparel vintage evening dress, $84
Short evening dress, £44
Mac Jac houndstooth jacket, $50
ASOS houndstooth pencil skirt, $34
STEADY HOUNDSTOOTH SKIRT in Skirts at Sourpuss Clothing, $50
Talbots houndstooth skirt, $64
Mary jane heels, $50
Mojo Moxy flat shoes, $45
Sugar boots, $35
Let s Fly cotton bag, $36
Volcom bag, $55
Nordstrom scarve, $20
Vera bradley, $32
Rumbatime Houndstooth Vandam Watch, $8.98
Womens’ Merona® Zera Houndstooth Rain Boots – Mu… : Target, $33

Do you own any houndstooth? Would you?