Drop, Dangle, or Chandelier

There are a lot of reasons one might believe me different from other people. I am a little bit weird, but I’m good with that. However, there is one thing about me that seems to shock other women a little bit–they may never have met someone like me in this regard.

My ears have never been pierced.

It’s a long story, but due to motherly disapproval in my early years and lack of interest in my early independent years, I’ve never had them done. But recently I have been feeling like I may be missing out. I admire earrings on other people, and have been considering piercing. The joke among friends is that if I get straight A’s on my report card, I can get my ears pierced.

As I waffle, I’m beginning to look at some of the pretties available. I find myself drawn to anything that dangles a bit. I created a collection of my ideal earring starter wardrobe.


So, weight in. Should I pierce my ears, or should I remain unpierced?



If I ever get a red carpet moment, I want it to be in Dior.

Okay, totally not realistic. I don’t anticipate needing a Dior dress anytime soon, but I am obsessed with the iconic fashion house of Dior. There is something about Dior that is always ladylike, always feminine, always dramatic. The wasp waists, the crossover tops and jackets, the peplum and the full skirt create a drastic hourglass shape, which is my favorite womanly silhouette.

Unfortunately, the Dior look is hard to come by on a budget. I have a hard time finding the dramatic silhouettes that Dior favors. (A crinoline works wonders to fluff out a lackluster full skirt, though.) I think it would also be a bit odd on a Wednesday to walk down the street in runway Dior. (Especially the see-through button-downs Dior showed in the last couture collection!) So how to incorporate Dior flare into everyday clothing on a budget?

Since I am ever-vigilant, I searched high and low to find a selection of Dior-ified dresses and outfits. I so hope the obi belt comes back, as it is the perfect waist cincher! The floral motifs in the outfits echo Dior’s embroidered florals in the couture collection, as well as past collections that have been flower-based.

Dior-Inspired Outfits

The dresses are in bright colors and beautiful cuts. The red dress rocks my socks right off. It’s a British brand, but they do ship the states–I checked. I love the trim on the cowl neck, so reminiscent of the couture collection a couple of seasons ago. It’s so feminine and yet so bold–so very Dior.

Dior-Inspired Dresses

If you were on the red carpet and reports asked “what are you wearing?” what dream designer would you be clothed in?


As part of my vintage vibe, I adore a 50’s, Pink Ladies-style cropped jean with a cuff for spring and summer. I have a pair that I’ve worn to death, and, unfortunately, washed the color right out. It’s time to go on the hunt for another dark wash jean, but it might just be time to branch out into other crop styles. I did a round-up of dark wash, modern wash, and colored crops just in time for spring/summer!


Cropped jeans
$34 – macys.com

Dorothy Perkins indigo jeans
$27 – dorothyperkins.com

Wet Seal cropped cuffed jeans
$30 – wetseal.com

Old navy
$30 – oldnavy.gap.com

Electric blue jeans
$35 – delias.com

Yellow jeans
$35 – delias.com

I believe that anyone can wear a crop pant. The way your legs look determine your capri length. I favor a drop that hits at the widest part of my calf, with a cuff. That way it shows off my curvy lower legs in a positive way. Thicker ankles and shorter women should go with a higher, above or just below-the-knee crop, thin legs go with a longer crop. Try things on, see what works for you. If you like a style, never rule it out until you’ve tried all the iterations. A pair of wedge heels can add length if you’re worried about short legs.

So…do you crop?

Get It While It’s Hot

I’m not a trend forecaster, but my spidey-sense says that this one won’t be around too much longer. But spring and summer will be a good time to go with color block clothing. And the benefit of buying reasonably-priced clothes is that you can keep up with trends without feeling too sorrowful when their time has come and gone.

Color Block

What do you think? Will you color block this summer, or move on to what’s next?

Four Days Until Mad Men!

Sorry I missed yesterday! I was up grading essays until midnight. Life got in the way of blogging about Mad Men. I know, my priorities are all out of whack.

It’s time to have a Mad Men Party! Or at least Mad Men cocktails. I think I need to have a fully stocked bar cart to really do Mad Men justice. Because to be a Mad Man means to have a social life that won’t stop. Dinner dates with different women every night. Cocktails. Steaks. Cigarettes and heartache.

Maybe some chopsticks and sake.

Mad Men at Cocktail Hour

As we move further into the 60’s, the fashions are set to get wilder, as this sneak preview from Season 5 shows:

Oh, my mercy. Pete, your jacket is making my eyes bleed. I included a couple of flowy shifts to go with that style.

You need some major bling to pull of Mad Men cocktail style. Keep the necklaces short and bold, and the rings HUGE. And multiple strands of pearls, of course. I love these champagne colored faux pearls.

Mad Men Style Jewelry

Today’s little Mad Men Bonus? The official AMC Mad Men Cocktail Guide! Make me a Pink Squirrel, darling!

Six Days Until Mad Men!

Continuing our countdown: Mad Men at Home! Welcome to Betty (Draper) Francis’s domain. She put out some canapes and some white wine for you all. She’ll be in the back taking a few of “Mommy’s Little Helpers”. (Or am I confusing Mad Men with Valley of the Dolls?)

If you want to have Betty’s style without Betty’s problems, slip into a day dress in a pattern and an apron, or, for garden work, your capri pants and cute top. And ballet flats! Beaucoup ballet flats! In patterns, mais oui.

Mad Men at Home


Go to Amazon for the Mad Men “How to Succeed in Business Draper Style” Special FREE download. Fifty-seven minutes of early Mad Men glory!

Favorite Moments in Mad Men, Part 2: Season 1, episode 6. Betty vs. the Pigeons

Flippy Twirly

Is it spring yet? The weather here is so schizophrenic, I can’t tell! But I do know that I am sick of everything in my closet.

Apparently I’m not the only one, as I got a barrage of requests for posts (THREE!) last night on the Twitters, and the theme seemed to be spring and summer clothes! So we’re starting with @SassySmart’s request for twirly skirts! She describes them as her “new obsession”–one we obviously share. So I picked some great twirly skirts for spring and summer in cheery spring colors and patterns.

Flippy Skirts

Ready for the flippy skirts of spring and summer like I am?

Designer Collabs: What Cost Designer?

I saw a little something on Pinterest recently: a picture of pretty shoes with the caption proclaiming that Manolo Blahnik will be doing a collaboration with J.Crew in the fall. Manolo Freaking Blahnik. The man whose shoe sketches used to adorn my walls in high school. The man with the impossible stiletto. My heart beat a bit faster. My palms began to sweat. My fingers began to fly across the keyboard as I searched Google for more information.

And then, all my hopes came crashing to the ground. My vague hope of one day wearing my very own Manolos were dashed by the revelation that the collaboration of Manolo prints on a rather simple J.Crew pump is still ringing up at approximately $550. For that price, you could buy a Manolo label shoe.

Manolo Blahnik for J.Crew

Target perfected the designer collaboration, and now many stores that cater to a shopper without an unlimited budget are collaborating with big names. The Missoni x Target collab showed that collaborations are highly in demand. Generally people will pay a little more for the designer name, with the knowledge that the quality will be on par with the store’s usual brands. It’s a trade-off. And sometimes it’s worth it. There are a lot of great designer collabs out there. Some worth looking at:

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A Trip to Oxford

I’ve never owned a pair of Oxford shoes before. My taste runs more toward ballet flats. However, as winter continues to infringe upon my toes, making them so frigid, I’ve been considering some alternatives. Oxfords require some careful styling to not look too butch, too anachronistic, or too hipster.

In my opinion, you should keep some volume on the bottom–wide-legged trousers, a-line to full skirts. Pencil skirts or skinny jeans might make your feet look ginormous, which is never a flattering look. Also, I love some color and some pattern to my Oxfords. Keep it fun and happy!

Oxfords: Red, White and Blue

Dorothy Perkins crew neck top, $39
H M sleeveless top, £13
Old Navy scoop neck top, $19
Jane Norman floral top, £14
eShakti – Shop Women’s designer fashion dresses, tops| Size 0-26W…, $50
Flat heel shoes, $50
Amrita Singh disc jewelry, $28
Amrita singh jewelry, $50

Oxfords: Aubergine

Extra long sleeve shirt, $23
Highwaisted pants, $25
Zara flat heel shoes, $50
Faux ring, $50
1928 longs jewelry, $13

Oxfords: Floral & Purple

Dorothy Perkins purple cocktail dress, $35
Cable knit tight, $9.95
Oxford shoes, $18

Oxfords: Peach

Forever 21 short sleeve sweater, $14
River Island mini skirt, £20
J Crew flower ring, $35

How would you style an Oxford shoe? And could you go with color and pattern, or would you stick to neutrals?