Music Monday: Christmas Music

It’s so soon! I’m super excited to see my family and have some time off this year. I’ve been enjoying my once-a-year Christmas music gluttony, where I listen to nothing but Christmas music. Here are some of my favorites right now!

Sarah McLachlan: Song for a Winter’s Night

Louis Prima: What Will Santa Claus Say (When He Finds Everybody Swinging)

James Taylor: In The Bleak Midwinter

Diana Krall: Christmas Time is Here

Josh Groban: What Child is This?

And a little something for Jewmas…
Pink Martini: Elohai N’tzor

What’s on your holiday playlist?

Music Monday: Kings of Leon

Over the weekend I finally found time and inclination to watch Talihina Sky, the documentary about the Kings of Leon. Those boys remind me so much of a lot of people I know. Ultra-religious upbringing, and they move on to reject just about everything that they’ve ever been raised to believe, but still have close ties with their families and want to please their mothers. Even without the backwoods environment, the story is familiar. Their open use of drugs and alcohol and some bare-assed nekkidness make it eye-opening indeed. (I was kind of shocked and slightly impressed by the ingenuity in the scene where Matthew Followill smokes a joint in an airplane bathroom.)

Most of all, though, it reminded me how much I love the music of the Kings of Leon. Like Caleb says at one point, you have to have to put up with all the crap on the radio to hear really good music (of course, talking about their own songs). They cancelled their tour this summer because of Caleb’s reported alcohol abuse, but I hope they are able to come back and record another great album. Until then, this Music Monday is all Kings of Leon, all the time.



Sex on Fire

Use Somebody

Music Monday: So You Think You Can Dance

I am addicted to So You Think You Can Dance. It’s one of those rare shows where the talent is actually very talented, and people take the vote very seriously. It’s not so much about popularity as about ability. However, my favorite thing about it is the music. The dances are so carefully choreographed to some incredible music. It just makes the dances that much more powerful. So I thought I would feature some of my favorite dances from this season set to great music.

Melanie & Marko–Contemporary–to Turn to Stone by Ingrid Michaelson

Caitlynn & Mitchell–Contemporary– to Turning Tables by Adele

Iveta & Nick–Quickstep–to Ballroom Blitz by Sweet

Ricky & Allison–Jazz– to Precious Things by Tori Amos

Jess & Katherine–Contemporary–to The Lonely by Christina Perri

Hopefully this will inspire you to watch So You Think You Can Dance. Or maybe just to dance around your own living room.

Music Monday: Summertime Groove

Summer has its own sound. It’s fun, beachy, lighthearted. Love songs and dance songs. Perfect for time by the pool. I’ve got summer sounds on the brain right now, and here are some of my favorites for Music Monday.

Best Coast: Boyfriend

Adele: Rumour Has It

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes: Home

The Explorers Club: Do You Love Me?

It’s like hippies, stoners and the reincarnation of the Beach Boys on my summer playlist! What are your summer sounds?

Music Monday: Oh Land

A friend suggested I listen to Oh Land, and I haven’t been able to listen to anything since. I’m on a total early summer Oh Land kick.

I listened to the album about three times in a row today.

What is your music obsession today?

Happy Memorial Day!

Music Monday: The Classics

Last week for Music Monday I shared some instrumental music that I listen to in my classroom with my students. I also like to give them new experiences. Most of them have never listened to classical music, and it’s SO AMAZING. Here are some of my kids’ favorites.
Carmina Burana: O Fortuna Composed by Carl Orff

Hungarian Dance No. 5 Composed by Johannes Brahms

Nocturne No. 19, Opus 72, No. 1 Composed by Frédéric Chopin

Do you listen to classical? Any favorites?

Music Monday: Instrumental

Happy Monday! Well, we’ll pretend it’s happy…

My students know that every Friday, we write. They all have journals and they are free to write about any topic. Part of this process is me putting music on to inspire them. I learned quickly that music with lyrics in English are distracting; I play instrumental, classical, or world music instead. And I love it, because it exposes them to music that they would never have heard otherwise. For Music Monday, here are some of my favorite instrumental pieces that I play for my students.

Explosions in the Sky First Breath After Coma

DJ Shadow Organ Donor

Braveheart Sons of Scotland

That’s what we’re listening to! Any favorite instrumental albums? I’m always looking for new stuff.

Miscellaneous Music Monday

Put the needle on the record, y’all…

Here are the songs on my heart and mind today. Remember, this is a judgement-free zone.


This jam’s not for everybody…only the sexy people.

Shirley, I have a girl crush on you.

Random? Without a doubt. Enjoy!

What’s on your turntable today?

Music Monday: This is My Jam

Okay, I’ve been sick.  I had a cold.  Then the flu.  Then an autoimmune scare which turned out to just be dehydration from the flu.  Basically, it’s been a crappy month.  And the blog has reflected it.

I hope y’all haven’t abandoned me totally.  I hope to be back to 100% within the week, and back with a vengeance.  In the meantime, direct from my iTunes playlist, a few of my top played songs for Music Monday.


Florence + The Machine: Girl With One Eye

Shiny Toy Guns: Starts with One

Passion Pit: Sleepyhead

Happy Monday!