I knew this would happen, but it’s still sad. I don’t have so much time to blog now that I’m working full-time and taking my MFA in Creative Writing full-time. But I still want to check in from time to time.

Right now, I should be writing, but I’m shopping on ASOS instead. I know I’ll have to winnow down my cart, but just now this is what I’m contemplating. Sharp flats for work (I’m on my feet all day), and some winter accessories, and a maxi just because.

Asos Sale

Catch the ASOS Last Chance sale HERE.

Olympics Past

I just made a grand discovery!

The Beauxbatons Academy of Magic is REAL! They went to the Olympics in 1976!

Amazing! Where is Madame Maxine?


And in the Rest of the World…

Last night I threw together an outfit idea that I think is an upgrade to the US Opening Ceremonies preppy French beret look, but honestly, America was not the worst-dressed country at the ceremonies yesterday. I wanted to address some of the rest of the world’s fashion choices. Now, I know that some of the outfits were cultural, so I’m not going to pick on the men in skirts (which were kind of awesome, to be honest), or the island shirts. I’m sticking to the more Western style outfits.

First up: Sweden.

As someone in my Twitter feed said last night “The Swedish Olympic Team: Sponsored by IKEA.”

Now, when you’re as good looking as a Swede, tall and blonde and athletic, you should be able to pull off anything. And they look as good as they possibly could. But rugby shirts with horizontal stripes and shorts? Really? Plus, they have a flag that is NOT red, white and blue. They could use those colors in such fun, creative ways, and instead they go with sloppy rugby shirts.

River Island peplum top, $44 / Vivienne Westwood Red Label fitted blazer, $265 / Lauren Ralph Lauren pencil skirt, $69 / J.Crew high heel shoes

Next up: Czech Republic. They tried a spin on dressing for Britain’s famed rainy days, but their wellies and shorts and umbrellas were kind of silly. Plus, the bicycle shorts on the women? The sloppy blazers? No.

I decided instead to give them blazers with a take on the classic trenchcoat and a fantastic Marni print top. The royal blue works to stand out from the crowd, so we hang on to that.

Czech Republic Opening Ceremonies

Marni floral top / A.F. VANDEVORST long jacket, $400 / Mango crochet pants, $55 / Steve Madden flat shoes

I think everybody had to shake their heads and wonder what was happening with the Spanish team. They had a Russian designer, and to be honest, I haven’t seen much great fashion coming out of Russia. Their outfits were a dowdy ketchup-and-mustard-and-print extravaganza. And the fan-shaped bags? Really? They are, without a doubt, my least favorite outfits.

I decided a more sporty, modern look would be a refreshing change for the Spanish team. I am quite in love with this top, a dip-dyed use of yellow and red that is not overwhelming, especially on the crisp white. Very sexy-sporty-Spain.

Spain Opening Ceremony

Vivienne Westwood Red Label crop top, $175 / NIKE racerback tank, $55 / Blumarine white pencil skirt / Vince Camuto shoes

And then there was Mexico. I just…I can’t…I don’t…

There are no words. And I can offer no help here.

The great thing, regardless of fashion, was to see the looks on the athletes faces as they paraded in. Even the worst outfit is helped along by shining faces and excitement.

BONUS: the most kickass “team” at the Opening Ceremonies were the Independent Olympic Athletes. I think they were having the most fun of anyone there.


I’m watching the Olympics Opening Ceremonies wrap up just at this moment. The great fun of watching the parade of nations is to see what everyone wears. And there is no lack of interesting–both good and bad–uniforms.

The US outfits have been controversial this year because Ralph Lauren, the designer, had them made in China. Whoopsie. I think that they’re an embarrassment just because we look like we’re A. French or B. Martha’s Vineyard-style twats.

Historically thinking, it’s not our worst look. After all, we did rock a stetson and a sheepskin once upon a time.

We also, way back when, looked like we were coming in to take over the place by force.

However, I have to say, not my favorite look. Here’s what I would have done for the Olympians.

Olympics Opening Ceremonies

For the men, a piped blazer, navy pants, a subtle blue and red tie, and awesome details in the oxford shoes with red laces and the red white and blue cuff links.

Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Alberta Ferretti navy blue dress / Blonde + Blonde stripe blazer, $47 / Hobbs peep toe wedge, $125 / Pin brooch

For the ladies, a simple sheath dress (which looks good on athletic women’s bodies), and a great striped jacket with a nipped in waist. I gave them a wedge in bright red, because heels are too dangerous for these ladies. Sorry, ladies, I love ya. No athletic injuries needed while walking in, though.

Can’t wait to watch the games! GO USA!

Key to My Heart

Here’s a controversial little boot:

A little lace boot is cool, but a little lace boot with a heel in the shape of a key? Definitely not for everyone.

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for this. A little bit steampunk, a little bit crazy, a little bit staid Victorian. A close-up of the heel:

I would wear these. The only thing I don’t like about it, to be quite honest, is the top. Seems very run-of-the-mill. Even some piping might not go amiss.

What do you think? Wear or beware?

Drop, Dangle, or Chandelier

There are a lot of reasons one might believe me different from other people. I am a little bit weird, but I’m good with that. However, there is one thing about me that seems to shock other women a little bit–they may never have met someone like me in this regard.

My ears have never been pierced.

It’s a long story, but due to motherly disapproval in my early years and lack of interest in my early independent years, I’ve never had them done. But recently I have been feeling like I may be missing out. I admire earrings on other people, and have been considering piercing. The joke among friends is that if I get straight A’s on my report card, I can get my ears pierced.

As I waffle, I’m beginning to look at some of the pretties available. I find myself drawn to anything that dangles a bit. I created a collection of my ideal earring starter wardrobe.


So, weight in. Should I pierce my ears, or should I remain unpierced?

Sacre Bleu

First of all, read this book.

Okay, you don’t have to. But if you like art, and magical realism, Paris, and humor, read this book. I finished it a couple of weeks ago, and loved it. It is, as the author says, about the color blue.

As is this post. When I was in the great city of New York recently, we stopped by Nordstrom Rack. I finally picked up a wallet with all the functions I wanted, and it happened to be vivid blue. Then I bought three camis in a sale, one in an even more vivid, electric blue.

I put on my electric blue cami today for a very important meeting at work, and was excited to see how great it made my skin look, and how blue my eyes are in this color. With a black skirt and a black cropped cardi, I still felt fashion-forward. I’m going to wear this until it gives up.

I wanted to share some true electric blue items, so you can have a little blue of your own. (Even a bit of dinnerwear if you think you can’t wear electric blue.)

Electric Blue

Pleated dress / Dress / Cut out shoulder dress / J.Crew knit sweater / ASOS pleated pants / Skirt / Zara shoes / Charlotte Russe ballet flat / Clutch handbag / Moschitto Designs resin jewelry / Trina Turk gold jewelry / American Apparel clear sunglasses / NARS Cosmetics matte eyeshadow, $26 / Urban Decay eyeliner / Wave Dinnerware Set

Any electric blue pieces you would wear here? Or ones that you definitely wouldn’t wear?

eShakti Review

I stalk eShakti’s website, but I have never managed to actually order clothing from there until recently. I love their clothing, but wasn’t quite sure about ordering. All those options! What with all the customization they offer, I wasn’t sure what the quality would be like, especially as I had seen a review of their clothing with an awful set of sleeves tacked onto a sleeveless dress, which the customer promptly took off again. However, over the 4th, they had a sale, and I decided to dive right in. I ordered two dresses and a top, and now that they’ve all arrived, I wanted to give a brief review of my experience.

In brief:

eShakti Review

The colorblock dress was in the overstock section. Since it was overstock, there was no customization available. It was the first item to arrive, and it was absolutely perfect! Maybe a little low, but great for summer, and so retro chic!

The t-shirt I customized with a cap sleeve. The quality is great, the sleeve looks organic with the top, as if it was designed that way. The ties ended up being WAY longer than pictured; tied, they were as long as the shirt. I ended up tying them in a bow instead, which actually looks good, and not overly girly.

The turquoise dress, however, was a panic-attack-inducing failure. I say “panic-attack-inducing” as I had a moment of freak-out. My exact thoughts were “I got my boobs in here, but I may never get them out! If I have to cut myself out of this dress, I won’t get to return it!” I had customized the dress with short, tie-up sleeves and a wide, deep neckline. Which all looked good until I tried to put it on. eShakti used to ask for a couple of free customization options; it still asks for your height, but no longer asks about the size of your bust. I wish it had, then I might have had better luck with this dress.

So I’ll be checking out their returns department. They say they have a gift card + 20% on returns instead of a refund, which I’d actually like to take advantage of. The amount that I love the stuff that does fit much outweighs the amount I’m disappointed over the turquoise dress. I will definitely be ordering again!

Rompers…With Reservations

New York attempted to change my mind about rompers. I am firmly anti-romper; rompers offer no forgiveness for most. Their basic shape can be very difficult to wear. However, New York has an ample amount of willowy bodies in perfectly flowing rompers. They looked CUTE. And I was slightly swayed.


I am not willowy. I will not be attempting to wear a romper. However, if you are willowy, read on. (If you are not, almost every other post on this website is accessible for you. Sorry to ignore you on this one.)

Ground rules if you insist on the romper:

No tight/slutty/one shoulder rompers.
No knits.
Let it billow a little bit. A blouson style is nice.
Don’t overdo it. A romper shouldn’t be “a look”, but an occasional indulgence.

If you must, you must…here are some examples IF YOU HAVE TO.

Rompers...With reservations

If it doesn’t look good on you, don’t bother. That’s a good general rule about fashion.

I shall continue to romp, but never romper.

By Request: Concert Wear

Twitter friend @KandNandB sent me a message on the DL asking if I had any concert wear input, as she’s going to see Mumford & Sons in an outdoor concert.

First of all, let me say: LUCKY BEEYOTCH.

Have you seen them? Heard their music?

They are AMAZING. I love them.

So, my general rules for concert dressing: comfort, style, safety.

Comfort: Wear flat shoes. Clothes that fit. No skirts too short. Nothing you feel too exposed in. Layers to adapt for temperature.

Style: Be yourself. Dress to be noticed, but not so much that you’re Lady Gaga in the audience. Dress to fit your surroundings. Wear great accessories that aren’t too valuable.

Safety: Mosh pit? Steel toed boots. Wear a cross-body bag so you can keep your stuff near you without it being cumbersome. Charge your cell phone so you can use it both for ballads and for calling home.

For Mumford, you can be appropriately hipster. Don’t try anything too far outside of your comfort zone, but a little boho vibe in your clothes won’t hurt. Nothing preppy, no American flags on your clothes (they’re British after all).

I came up with three options for a Mumford concert, in August, outdoors.

Feather Lite

Beachy Beads

Metallic Boho

Chiffon blouse / Black jeans / Michael Antonio flat shoes / Ecote quilted handbag / With Love From CA long necklace

I have to say, I adore the “I Heart Mustaches” rubber bracelet. Perfect for Mumfy.

Have fun, @KandNandB! Hopefully you find a concert outfit idea, and I’ll try not to be insanely jealous that you’re going.