Face Saver

Note to self: blog regularly.  It’s taking me a little time to get back into the habit.

There are plenty of things to talk about, after all.  Like Colourpop, since I’ve only talked about the eyeshadows.  I also bought lipstick in my aforementioned lipstick blitz of December/January.

A lot of the Colourpop Lippie Stix shades I bought were mattes, and I’ve had varying results.  In general, I would rate them mid-high.  Not “wow, amaze” like Buxom, but much better than most which tend to be very drying.  I found that a couple of the colors slide around a bit, which is the big drawback.  But the colors are fantastic, and I have one that’s gotten a place in my regular rotation: Colourpop’s Bichette, a deep red wine matte.


I love this color.  It’s a perfect winter tone, and the formula goes on smooth.  I don’t know if there are slight formulation differences in colors, but I haven’t had much problem with this one straying.  I suppose I should just give in and buy the lip liners that Colourpop sells if I want a really great outcome, but I’m disinclined to use liner, especially since it seems like I put my lipstick on in a rush at red lights during my morning commute.


Bichette (like all the Lippie Stix) costs $5 at colourpop.com.

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