Can We Try Again?


I’m always amazed when I (infrequently) check my blog and notice that people are STILL reading.  Bless you, kind folk.  It makes me think that perhaps I wasn’t too bad at this blogging thing after all.  Then I remember the fun I used to have coming up with posts, especially when my readers would chime in and give me ideas.  So, it occurs to me that mayhaps I should blog again?

In the early days, I set aside time to blog.  Then I went back to school for my MFA, and it got difficult, so everything tapered off.  I’m a proud MFA holder now, but I seem to have replaced my study time with work, so I don’t feel like I have the free time to blog anymore.  And then there are Korean dramas to watch.  Don’t get me started on the draw of a good Korean drama.

But I think I might still have some things to say.  So, if you’ll bear with me…will you take me back, dear reader friends?  Will you welcome me even if I’m a little stuttery at first, uncertain of what to share?  Will you take me even if I’m not on the cutting edge of fashion, or have a YouTube following, or even know my “brand”?  I miss “us”.  I don’t want to be broken up anymore.  Consider this my love letter and reconciliation plea.

After all, if Miley and Liam can do it, why can’t we?


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