An Unfashionable Age

Sometimes I think bloggers are just out to make me mad.

I read another blog post dictating what you “shouldn’t wear” after 30. I have to reiterate my stance–fashion isn’t dictated by age!

One of my major challenges with aging is finding a role model, because society begins to rule women out at a certain age. Once you’ve reached 30, you need to be a “grown up”, once you’re 40 and beyond, you need to disappear as an individual. Leave fashion behind, especially looking sexy, because you are just too damn old. Remember when Sex and the City was the big empowerment show for women over 30 who wanted to be fashionable and relevant? I read another blog post this past week where some man snarked about how there thankfully would not be a third movie, because nobody wants to have sex with women their age. So let’s all dress in polyester and die together, shall we?

Grandma Yetta

This article, which so incites my ire, needs a whole new title. For most of the items listed, it’s not about age limitations, but rather about being fashionable in general. I can eliminate most of the list this way. Platform flip-flops, booty shorts, tube tops–no one should be wearing these anyway.

Then there are brand names–VS Pink, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch. All marketed towards young girls. As far as Pink is concerned, anyone you’re going to show your underwear to doesn’t usually care about the brand, and if they’re comfortable, wear them. I don’t ever advocate being a label whore, especially if the label is marketed to teens. But if you find a pair of jeans that fit just right, well–that’s a holy grail item right there, regardless of the label. I really didn’t need the blogger’s snarky “Does A&F even FIT women over 30?” comment, however.

And there are some things on this blogger’s list I’d like to actively dispute.

Leopard print

Leopard Skirt

A leopard print pencil skirt is practically a basic–totally appropriate at any age.

Graphic Tees

Graphic Tee

Don’t give up graphic tees! Just pick ones that are more awesome.

Anything Furry


I don’t need to tell you about shearling, right?

Crop Tops

Crop Top

Despite the fact that I can’t pull this of myself, I rather like the crop top and full skirt look that’s been showing up lately.

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized Sunglasses

Over my dead body.

Wear what looks good. Don’t let age dictate fashion.


4 thoughts on “An Unfashionable Age

  1. Agree, agree, agree! Especially on the graphic tees because, well, that’s all I wear. But they aren’t lame. They are Dr. Who and book related. SEE? NOT LAME.

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