Summer’s Remains: Monday

As a teacher, summer isn’t counted as a season but as a vacation. When the last of the seniors are graduated and I’ve stowed everything away until next school year, summer begins; when the calendar indicates it’s time to report back to work, the summer is over. So, by the calendar, summer ends next week for me, and I’m trying to enjoy this remaining week of vacation without too much anxiety for the upcoming school year. To celebrate the last week of summer (for me) I wanted to do a series about what I will be wearing (or wish I could be wearing).

Casual Mondays

Today was a bum around the house doing laundry and dishes day, because having the house immaculate is priority one. When I go back to school, there won’t be as much time to clean everything spotless. So I put together a casual shorts and tank top look, with a chiffon jacket for running errands. Included are the requisite cheapie Old Navy flip flops, which I spend my life in during the summer, and then put away for ten months when school starts back up.

2 thoughts on “Summer’s Remains: Monday

  1. I seriously need to invest in some long shorts like that. I’ll just add it to my ever growing list of “Things Adult LiLi Needs”, lol.

    1. It’s a serious grown-up must-have. I have three pairs of long shorts: one pair of grey cotton (like the pair above), one pair of black, and one pair of navy blue “dress shorts” that I can wear to work with wedges and a blouse. I like how versatile they are.

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