BOGO, Emphasis on the GO.

Once upon a time, I said that I would lay off talking about Zoya polish. We all know that’s not going to happen. I can’t stop. Now they have jellies, and frequently they have sales. And right now they’re having both. BOGO sale for those with an existing account! Here’s what’s on its way to Casa Freya:

More Zoya

The polishes are Ray, Song, Monica, Toni, Noot, Paloma, Katherine, Harley and Yara. Obviously fall and winter are on the way, based on my color choices.

My friends say I have an addiction. I guess there are worse addictions to have…


One thought on “BOGO, Emphasis on the GO.

  1. Ironically, I just picked up my four favorite from the new fall/winter collection at Ulta today. Now I’m getting more from the website. I’m not even the least bit guilty. I NEED these! I’m keeping myself to 6 bottles from the Zoya site. Part of me wants to say “screw it, get 8!” but I just can’t. That would be a full dozen Zoya polishes in one day. That doesn’t even count the OPI I picked up. It’s an addiction.

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