Brand Loyalty

Many years ago, my roommate was a Mary Kay lady. She had the parties, did the makeovers, and our answering machine often had orders for Satin Hands on it. Of course, her den mother (or whatever Mary Kay mentors are known as) wanted her to recruit others, and I was the first and obvious choice. Now, I love me some Satin Hands, and I took advantage of all the freebies that my roommate had, but I couldn’t be a Mary Kay lady. Not just because I suck at sales, but because I couldn’t, in good conscience, go out and tell women to buy things from one brand. The Mary Kay lady has to wear the product and claim that Mary Kay has the best EVERYTHING. I couldn’t give up my MAC eye shadow or my Clinique lipstick.

Yes, it smells like peaches.

I am not brand loyal. I choose what works for me on a case-by-case basis. The only exception, it seems is Zoya nail polish, where I feel like I am the brand ambassador. It is a great product overall, but I feel disloyal when I look at other nail polishes. Which is precisely why I can’t say I’ll use one product exclusively. It becomes too much of a moral dilemma to “cheat” on that product.


Are you beauty brand loyal? If so, what brand? If not, do you have “go-to” brands where you look first?

(This is one of those posts where I really want you to comment! So please…TO THE COMMENTS!)


4 thoughts on “Brand Loyalty

  1. I’m addicted to Carmex and have attracted quite a few stares at Target when I buy about 10-15 tubes at once. A cashier even asked “What do you do with all of them?” I had a feeling she thought I would be using them to make meth or bombs. (Really, I just stash them everywhere throughout my house, purse, and car so I’m never more than 3 feet from a tube at ALL times.)
    I also love Essie nail polish. I think it’s the little square bottles that hook me in. Or the names. I’m not sure but I’m constantly buying new ones.

  2. I’m sure you already know this, but my go to brands are Lancome and Zoya. I’ve been wearing Lancome since my teen years, and I can’t seem to ditch the habit. I was just at my local Lancome counter this weekend. My Lancome lady and I are on a first name basis. When I’m walking through my local Macy’s she beckons me with “Rebecca, have you seen our new . . . ?” It works like a charm. I also check every time I’m looking for a new nail color. I wear it almost exclusively.

    1. I try not to frequent the same MAC counters or whatever. I cannot say no. Even when my wallet tells me I should. I hang around the edges of all makeup counters so as not to get sucked in. Except when I go because I actually need something. Then I can get no one to pay attention to me. IRONY.

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