Drop, Dangle, or Chandelier

There are a lot of reasons one might believe me different from other people. I am a little bit weird, but I’m good with that. However, there is one thing about me that seems to shock other women a little bit–they may never have met someone like me in this regard.

My ears have never been pierced.

It’s a long story, but due to motherly disapproval in my early years and lack of interest in my early independent years, I’ve never had them done. But recently I have been feeling like I may be missing out. I admire earrings on other people, and have been considering piercing. The joke among friends is that if I get straight A’s on my report card, I can get my ears pierced.

As I waffle, I’m beginning to look at some of the pretties available. I find myself drawn to anything that dangles a bit. I created a collection of my ideal earring starter wardrobe.


So, weight in. Should I pierce my ears, or should I remain unpierced?


2 thoughts on “Drop, Dangle, or Chandelier

  1. I really love the last three pairs on the bottom row ❤ I sometimes feel like I'm missing out having unpierced ears too… I had them done when I was 9 but I had a lot of trouble with them due to metal allergies so I let them heal over 😦 I don't think I'll get them done again, but it doesn't stop me looking at pretty earrings! Do you think you'll ever have yours pierced?

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