Funny Face

While in New York, I took a little trip to a big Sephora store in Union Square.

I think my favorite thing about this particular store was all the nail art stations. They had video tutorials and the tools and polishes for various looks, so you could try it out. I tried a matte topcoat (which wore off really quickly, but that could be because I put it over my regular shiny topcoat) and a dotting tool.

What I should have bought…Illamasqua Rare neon yellow.

The thing about Sephora is that you’re surrounded with all those mirrors, and you can see exactly how your makeup is wearing throughout the day. Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of not looking enough, and just taking it on faith that my face looks okay. This has led to crazy-smudgy-eye more than once. However, since the heat and humidity was pretty high during my entire trip, I had a sense that I probably wasn’t holding up like I’d like, and the Sephora mirrors confirmed it. My fashionable friend was showing off her NARS Heat Wave lipstick, and suggested I freshen up with something from the NARS range.

NARS Heat Wave

I decided on a fuchsia. I picked NARS Funny Face, and immediately put back what I was going to buy and bought the lipstick instead. It is a beautiful, wearable semi-matte lipstick. It is blue-based, but it looks warm and lovely on. It is the perfect summer bright if you’re a lipstick lover, like myself.

NARS Funny Face

It is not for the faint of heart, I will say, but it’s not costume-y either.

Here’s me wearing it outdoors (my porch is a mixture of sun and shade):

And indoors (I look a little vacuous here for some reason):

At $24, it’s a little pricey, but definitely worth it.

Anyone else have a favorite summer bright? Or a NARS lipstick they would endorse?


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