By Request: Concert Wear

Twitter friend @KandNandB sent me a message on the DL asking if I had any concert wear input, as she’s going to see Mumford & Sons in an outdoor concert.

First of all, let me say: LUCKY BEEYOTCH.

Have you seen them? Heard their music?

They are AMAZING. I love them.

So, my general rules for concert dressing: comfort, style, safety.

Comfort: Wear flat shoes. Clothes that fit. No skirts too short. Nothing you feel too exposed in. Layers to adapt for temperature.

Style: Be yourself. Dress to be noticed, but not so much that you’re Lady Gaga in the audience. Dress to fit your surroundings. Wear great accessories that aren’t too valuable.

Safety: Mosh pit? Steel toed boots. Wear a cross-body bag so you can keep your stuff near you without it being cumbersome. Charge your cell phone so you can use it both for ballads and for calling home.

For Mumford, you can be appropriately hipster. Don’t try anything too far outside of your comfort zone, but a little boho vibe in your clothes won’t hurt. Nothing preppy, no American flags on your clothes (they’re British after all).

I came up with three options for a Mumford concert, in August, outdoors.

Feather Lite

Beachy Beads

Metallic Boho

Chiffon blouse / Black jeans / Michael Antonio flat shoes / Ecote quilted handbag / With Love From CA long necklace

I have to say, I adore the “I Heart Mustaches” rubber bracelet. Perfect for Mumfy.

Have fun, @KandNandB! Hopefully you find a concert outfit idea, and I’ll try not to be insanely jealous that you’re going.


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