Tower of Bracelets

How do you organize your jewelry? My jewelry organizer is DIY: I turned a shallow drawer in my dresser into a jewelry organizer by adding custom-cut foam wrapped in velvet. I cut slits in the velvet for ring storage, my brooches get pinned in the foam, and bracelets get set down and don’t move. (I’ll do a full post on this sometime soon–it was my best DIY.) But today I want to offer up some decorative options for your bracelet organization. You can set these up on your bureau or countertop with an assortment of bracelets.

So, I now present: You can organize your bracelets–this is not a phallusy! (Heh. Heh.)

Yes I’m juvenile, but it occurs to me that the best organization is to use something round that sticks up.
So, we turn to IKEA, our reasonable and hack-friendly home store. You can find similar things in any home store, though.

How about candlesticks? Stack bracelets on these, and you won’t be able to tell their true purpose. Plus, the three different heights is cool.

Another candlestick solution: a metallic! Perfect for jewelry. I love that this is tapered, so you can see the base even when you have bracelets around it.

I think this is my favorite solution so far: a slender glass vase. Fill it with decorative sand or stones or candy or rhinestones (yep).

Thinking outside the box now, how about a decorative paper towel holder? There are actually some that don’t look like paper towel holders, like this and this from Bed, Bath and Beyond. (Also, if it’s your lifelong dream to put your bracelets on a cock–DONE.)

Oooh! Or, for the nerdy: a volumetric flask! Pick one up on Amazon.

I also found a cute idea on Pinterest for a shabby chic or farmhouse type of decor: glass soda bottles in a box, hung on the wall. Easy enough to put together, and super cute!

How do you organize your bracelets? Any other ideas?


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