True Blood Season 5 Premiere!

SPOILERS AHOY! If you didn’t see last night’s True Blood, that is.

Last night was the season premiere of True Blood. Since I love this show, I went ahead and ponied up some dollars to start up my HBO subscription again (just for the course of the series) so I can watch live and up close in HD. I decided to take a close look at the style and fashion of True Blood, so I live-tweeted the experience from my Twitter account, @FurnishedSouls. Some of the things I noticed:

1. Pam stole the show from the moment she said “Fucktarded”. And then she followed that up with “Super Snatch”. Also this:

2. Steve Newlin is a gay vampire American. He has terrible gay man style. He needs to take a cue from Lafayette. Gay does not mean pleat-front khakis, purple plaid shirt, and a sweater around the neck. Seriously.

3. From my tweet, upon seeing Luna and Sam: “I didn’t know HRH Kate’s influence reached all the way to Bon Temps. Nice pantyhose.”

I am pro-tights, anti-pantyhose. Look at Luna here–she looks so buttoned up. She’s so upstaged by all the naked people in that shot.

4. Sookie’s house is vintage twee.

So very Laura Ashley. Her place is worn-in, vintage, and cutesy. So definitively feminine. But also–not very distinctive, sad to say. She put up a shower curtain last night (after they wrapped Debbie Pelt in her old one) that looked like it came from the bargain bin at Bed Bath & Beyond.

5. Let’s talk Nora. Eric’s new “sister” (aka they were both turned by Godric) with benefits. The girl is gorgeous, with the gorgeous skin and gorgeous hair and she had some gorgeous lipstick on in last night’s episode.

Of course, I couldn’t find a picture that looked like it did on my screen, but it was a stunning red that didn’t overpower her. It just enhanced the whole of the gorgeousness. Also, she had some great boots on. And she used to be in the British series Robin Hood, which had my favorite man as its prime baddie who wants to be good, Richard Armitage. Trivia!

6. Lafayette shaved his head. They did a whole “Lafayette looks at non-safety razor longingly while in Sookie’s tub” thing that had everybody worried, then it turns out it was just a haircut. Then he got in a fight with Alcide, which takes some brass ones.

Then Alcide growled. And I slid off my chair.

7. True Blood is trying to bring the 80’s back. Steve Newlin and Jessica Hamby would be prime examples. Check out Jessica’s dress from the episode:

I couldn’t find a full-length shot, but it was short, and tight, and floral with long sleeves. Very Robert Palmer video girl. And the color clip-in? Please, child. She looks like a model for American Apparel. Except with better hair.

8. My favorite garment of the episode ended up in a pool of blood. It was a biker-style hoodie sweatshirt with an asymmetrical zip, found on the “extractor” who gave Eric and Bill their new identities. (IKE APPLEBAUM!) She was then killed.

The hoodie looked a bit like this one from Metropark USA.

9. Predictions: as this was the follow-up to the season finale, there weren’t a lot of changes, like when Sookie’s house got made over or Bill’s house underwent its stylish renovation. But I think there will be some new, fantastic interiors, like this one from an upcoming episode:

I am LOVING that chandelier. Also, I love it when Sookie gets dressed up in her retro girlie style. And, as always, naked is a very popular look on this show.

P.S. I’m not usually a GIF fan. But seriously, if you want a picture of something that happened in a series last night, the richest ground is Tumblr. And those people SERIOUSLY love GIFs. So, thank you, Tumblr Trubies. (And I do love the GIF of Lafayette.)


3 thoughts on “True Blood Season 5 Premiere!

  1. YAY, a fun recap! Love you.
    p.s. Look at Bill giving Eric the once over in that final gif. BILL SPEAKS FOR ALL OF US, ESSENTIALLY.

    1. Bill’s face there is PRICELESS. Also, the fact that he was relegated to the outside of the container so there could be sexytimes on the inside? AWKWARD. But hilarious.

  2. Reblogged this on Adiek84's Blog and commented:
    Check out this awesome recap of yesterday’s True Blood Season 5 premiere! Of course it contains spoilers so watch the episode before you read this. By the way, I love Pam. Just saying.

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