Ava Gardner, Photoshop, and the Basic Black Swimsuit

I saw this picture today on Memory Lane.

I was blown away with Ava Gardner’s perfection. In a simple black bathing suit, waders, a captain’s hat and a blinding smile, she looks amazing. It got me thinking about the prevalent use of Photoshop these days. Ava Gardner is breathtaking without one bit of Photoshop. I look at this photo and wonder what would be done these days. Her arms would likely be thinned down, her hips and waist reduced, and the smile line on the right side of her mouth removed. Would she look any more beautiful? Doubtful. She looks happy and real, not perfectly Photoshopped.

Also note: her basic black bathing suit. She looks fantastic. It doesn’t have to be fancy, floral, brightly colored, skimpy, or revealing to be fantastic. Such is the power of the little black swimsuit. If going to the pool or the beach is stressful or scary because of body image issues, don’t worry about the two-pieces–get a basic black one-piece swimsuit. Better to wear things that are flattering on the body than to squeeze yourself into something that doesn’t work, but is super-fashionable.

Need some ideas? I happen to have rounded up some fantastic black suits.

Basic Black

I notice that quite a few of these have ruching around the midsection, which helps hide trouble spots. If you’re worried it will add bulk, don’t worry about it. It actually makes it more flattering.

Enjoy your Memorial Day and go out, sit the the pool, and feel good about yourself. Take some pictures that aren’t retouched.


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