Target, You Are My Weakness

Just got back from Target. I cannot make it out of that store without spending a ton of money. But it’s so good! Most of my bill today was because of these here:

It’s the Champion C9 Seamless Racerback Sports Bra. As of today, I own five of these. I think that qualifies as an obsession. They are soft, supportive, wick moisture away, and never chafe. I have a major rack, so I actually layer two of these bras to keep everything in check, and it does without any issues. The fabric is contoured to avoid major uniboob, too.

For ladies with a little less, I think their cami bras are super cute. Made from the same material as the racerback bra, they come in a variety of different colors.

These bras are on sale at Target right now.

Speaking of things on sale at Target, this is the first time I’ve been able to make it over to Target since they introduced The Shops at Target. Limited editions from small boutiques that are notable across the nation–sounds like a great idea! I was, unfortunately, less than impressed. The Shops products are already on sale, but I still didn’t want to buy it. I was especially wanting to check out goods from The Cos Bar in Aspen, CO. Cosmetics! But seeing the display left me wondering: did they think their line would be coming out at Halloween?

All the items are purple, orange, or acid green, and most are patterned with leopard. The makeup bags are plastic, and they look super cheap. With the black and white packaging, and the green cooling eye masks with flirty cartoon eyes on them, it looks extremely “Party City in October”. A disappointment all around. Although I did pick up a pair of orange leopard-print tweezers for $2.

Have you checked out The Shops at Target? Were you impressed, or disappointed?


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