Add to Shopping Cart: Bloomers

My school year is drawing to a close, and after much work, I finally got all my seniors finished with their major research project. Two seniors had very similar projects, both on sleep. And each time I listened to their presentations, I sat kind of hunched down in my chair, because I know I am the worst at getting adequate sleep. I’m a night owl who has to get up at 6:00 a.m., so going to bed at one leaves very little time for actual sleep.

You’d think that summer would come and I would get more sleep, since the obligation to get up so early is gone, but I suffer from insomnia. I also have found that my sleep conditions have to be just right. Dark, cool, comfortable. With cool cotton or silk pajamas.

I have been looking at my ratty pajamas coming out of storage, and decided it was time for a little upgrade for summer. Something short and cool, but sweet. Inspired by the Victorians, and the cute Pret a Surf shorts from Opening Ceremony, I decided that bloomers would be the perfect pajama bottoms. With an easy cotton tank or chemise, they are perfect for a hot summer night.

Pret a Surf for Opening Ceremony

Of course, I needed a couple of cheaper options to suit my budget, but there’s some awful cute bloomers out there! A selection…


What do you think? Too precious? Or cool and comfy for the summer? (I’ve already ordered two pairs. Yay, internet!)


5 thoughts on “Add to Shopping Cart: Bloomers

    1. It can’t be TMI if I already knew it, right? We’ve already had this conversation, among our many candid conversations! I cannot do the nude in bed thing. Tried and failed. I have to have at least a layer. So in the summer it’s short shorts and tank tops.

      1. I suppose it’s TMI for a reply on your blog. In the winter I sleep in cashmere sweaters and leggings. I still have nightmares of the long flannel night gowns my mom used to make me wear getting all twisted up around my waist. That’s why I skip whenever possible. I can’t abide the cold, so I have dedicated sleep sweaters.

      2. It’s not classy at all. It’s the cashmere my husband shrunk during our first 5 years of marriage. I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of cashmere. I finally found a use for them.

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