Not for Sleeping


I saw this one coming down the pike. I put 2 + 2 together and came up with Downton Abbey. I saw bed jackets from a mile away.

Well, actually, they’re called a bunch of stuff–flyaway cardigans, jackets, chiffon cardigans, kimonos, etc. But they are old-fashioned, girly bed jackets. Loose, waist-length jackets in lightweight lingerie fabrics with wide sleeves for easy on/off capabilities. Mostly used for a bit of seduction than for any real purpose.

Now they are day wear! I bought two today: one in a floral chiffon, cream background with peach, hot pink, seafoam green, yellow, etc., and one in a silky fabric, with black background and purples and pinks in the florals. So pretty! Perfect for summer, too, with their breezy pull on/pull off design.

Bed Jackets

What do you think? Are you ready for a bed jacket? Or is it too “underwear as outerwear” for you?


3 thoughts on “Not for Sleeping

  1. Where did you get yours? I need one. I just got an outfit that requires a breezy one. I don’t want to spend lots, but it’s can’t look like something from my grandma’s closet. Oh, and it can’t look like something right off the set of Downton Abby either.

    1. I got one at Macy’s–it’s American Rag et Cie, but it’s not available online, or I’d show you. The other one I got from Torrid.

      I felt so luxurious today, especially while lecturing with kimono sleeves flopping around. 🙂

      1. I’ll have to look at keep a look out for a bed jacket. I have a bandeau top that would be more wearable if I had something to cover it up with. Otherwise it’s just weekend wear. I can’t go sleeveless and strapless to work, but a bed jacket might must fix my dilemma.

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