If I ever get a red carpet moment, I want it to be in Dior.

Okay, totally not realistic. I don’t anticipate needing a Dior dress anytime soon, but I am obsessed with the iconic fashion house of Dior. There is something about Dior that is always ladylike, always feminine, always dramatic. The wasp waists, the crossover tops and jackets, the peplum and the full skirt create a drastic hourglass shape, which is my favorite womanly silhouette.

Unfortunately, the Dior look is hard to come by on a budget. I have a hard time finding the dramatic silhouettes that Dior favors. (A crinoline works wonders to fluff out a lackluster full skirt, though.) I think it would also be a bit odd on a Wednesday to walk down the street in runway Dior. (Especially the see-through button-downs Dior showed in the last couture collection!) So how to incorporate Dior flare into everyday clothing on a budget?

Since I am ever-vigilant, I searched high and low to find a selection of Dior-ified dresses and outfits. I so hope the obi belt comes back, as it is the perfect waist cincher! The floral motifs in the outfits echo Dior’s embroidered florals in the couture collection, as well as past collections that have been flower-based.

Dior-Inspired Outfits

The dresses are in bright colors and beautiful cuts. The red dress rocks my socks right off. It’s a British brand, but they do ship the states–I checked. I love the trim on the cowl neck, so reminiscent of the couture collection a couple of seasons ago. It’s so feminine and yet so bold–so very Dior.

Dior-Inspired Dresses

If you were on the red carpet and reports asked “what are you wearing?” what dream designer would you be clothed in?


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