As part of my vintage vibe, I adore a 50’s, Pink Ladies-style cropped jean with a cuff for spring and summer. I have a pair that I’ve worn to death, and, unfortunately, washed the color right out. It’s time to go on the hunt for another dark wash jean, but it might just be time to branch out into other crop styles. I did a round-up of dark wash, modern wash, and colored crops just in time for spring/summer!


Cropped jeans
$34 –

Dorothy Perkins indigo jeans
$27 –

Wet Seal cropped cuffed jeans
$30 –

Old navy
$30 –

Electric blue jeans
$35 –

Yellow jeans
$35 –

I believe that anyone can wear a crop pant. The way your legs look determine your capri length. I favor a drop that hits at the widest part of my calf, with a cuff. That way it shows off my curvy lower legs in a positive way. Thicker ankles and shorter women should go with a higher, above or just below-the-knee crop, thin legs go with a longer crop. Try things on, see what works for you. If you like a style, never rule it out until you’ve tried all the iterations. A pair of wedge heels can add length if you’re worried about short legs.

So…do you crop?


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