This Week Inspired By:

BIRTHDAYS! Okay, my birthday in particular. I will be turning [insert random age here] on Friday! So it’s time for a happy birthday week, inspired by some of my favorite things.

Mad Men

The return of Mad Men has made me so happy. I feel like I’ve stepped back in time with them. And I’m loving Don’s new apartment.

Song of the Week: Young Forever by Jay-Z

(Yes, I remember the original by Alphaville.)

Quote of the Week

Harold and Maude
Just watched this movie for the first time last weekend. What timing! This movie is all about someone older who embraces life and wants to truly live, who meets a young man who wants to die. Quirky, weird, unorthodox, and beautiful.

Michelle Dockery

Guess who’s on the cover of Vanity Fair?

I’m sorry, Juliana Margolies, Claire Danes, and Sophia Vergara. You are gorgeous women, but Michelle Dockery really is the standout here.

English Rose done to perfection. She also played one of my favorite literary characters ever, Susan from Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather.

What’s inspiring you this week?


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