Chevron Skirt, Yellow Shoes=Whole Lotta Cute

Twitter is the best thing ever. I am convinced. (And just as I wrote this, Dwight Shrute said “I really ought to have a Tweeter account.” WIN.)

And it is also seriously helpful tool for ideas for the blog! My Twitter friend @KandNandB asked for a little advice on putting an outfit together with a skirt and shoes that she already owns. The shoes are yellow, the skirt is navy and white.

Look at the cute shoes!

The platforms and the jersey skirt (you’ll see in a moment!) are casual enough to pick a knit top, be it a t-shirt knit or a thin sweater. Also appropriate: chiffon. For a layered look, a casual blazer (in a shrunken shape) is fab. I stuck to the basic yellow/navy/white color palette, because the chevron is bold enough that you don’t have to do anything too crazy to offset it. (I also love the skirt and want it for myself.)

Yellow and Navy and White

And bonus: jewelry to complete the look! I stuck with casual, bold, and bright costume jewelry.

Yellow and Blue and White Jewelry

Thanks for the opportunity, @KandNandB! Hope you find something you like!


2 thoughts on “Chevron Skirt, Yellow Shoes=Whole Lotta Cute

  1. I love it! My favorites are the AEO sweaters, they’re thin but should fit great under a jacket if I need one. Lake Erie wind can be fierce but hopefully the wine will keep me warm as well. And the chiffon is beautiful…..I usually shy away from overly girly fabrics like that but I secretly love them.

    And the jewelry……love the neon yellow/silver necklace. And the ring. And the Betsey Johnson necklace. They’re all great! It’ll be so hard to pick!

    Thanks for the ideas!

    1. The AEO sweaters were my first picks! I love a thin sweater with a tank underneath it for spring/summer evenings. And the neon necklace is so on-trend right now. Thanks for the inspiration!

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