What Are You Waiting For?

I definitely am a gal who lives on a restrictive budget.  Teacher’s incomes are notoriously laughable, but I am always determined to be as stylish and polished as possible.  (Et voila, le blog!)

Still, we all have our lusts and I am included in that.  I have a couple of brands that I watch like a hawk for the possibility of sales.  Over spring break, my vigilance paid off!  



Hayden Harnett has quality leather goods, and not a lot of great sales on their fantastic handbags. Seems to me that most of the time anything good got snatched up before I could decide to pull the trigger. But I happened to click on a link from HH’s Twitter account (@HaydenHarnett) and got into their Easter Sale early enough to see the Cargo Cult Satchel on sale in black, down from $285 to $71! Luscious lamb leather, in my hands, RIGHT NOW. And the straps are the perfect length, and it has amazing pockets. It’s delicious, and worth waiting for!

That would be my top tip for snagging great items in a sale: follow (and check) their Twitter! If they’re good with Twitter, that is. If so, you’ll be on the inside track to get those coveted lust list items!

What brands will you/do you wait forever for a great sale?


4 thoughts on “What Are You Waiting For?

  1. LOVE this bag. Worth waiting for. I want a new black bag. My last “new” black bag is still in great condition and I have no real need for one. I always make sure my good, heavy use bags are leather. When I get a “fun” bag, I don’t mind if it’s synthetic. My fun bags never do the heavy lifting. Great find Freya. Looks like it will hold your iPad, cosmetics, wallet, an extra pair of undies, a water bottle AND a huge new hardback. My kind of bag.

    1. Funny, I would qualify this as my first “good” bag. I like fun bags, cotton bags, synthetic in bright colors, whatever, but have very few leather bags. And nothing this size. My best bags have been Nine West-like quality on sale. Last black bag I got was truly cheap, and the handle shredded in no time at all. This I plan to have for some time.

      1. Just remember Freya, once you fall in love “good” bags, it’s hard to go back. I know. I don’t buy new bags very often, but I almost always buy leather. My “almost” exception was my BCBGenerations clutch from Little Black Bag. Other than that, it’s all leather. Some more expensive than others. The really expensive ones are gifts from other people.

  2. Oh, my fabric or straw bags don’t count as synthetic, because they’re natural fibers too. Just not leather. I even have a wicker bag. It almost looks like a basket. I guess I do have lot’s of non-leather bags, but only one synthetic bag. But I LOVE that synthetic bag.

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