Love, Actually.

I just fell instantly head-over-heels.

As has been well-documented on this blog, since I started writing in my little corner of the internet, I have made the transition from raggedy, unpolished nails to constant nail polish use, nail art, nail stickers–you name it. My nails are COVERED.

Unfortunately, since my late arrival to NiceNailVille, I have some bad polish habits. Such as polishing my nails as I unwind in the evening. I am finding, more often than not, that I end up with gouges, sheet marks, hair marks (yes, it’s true) and chips on my nails from my poor timing. Not enough time to dry means that they’re never quite perfect, and I do a lot of “re-do” painting the next day. Or I don’t. I’m not Wonder Woman.

Enter Seche Vite. I’ve heard a lot about it on other blogs, but I’m coming from a “topcoat is topcoat is topcoat” kind of place–they’re all interchangeable, right? So my Ulta topcoat is just like any other, correct? NOPE. I bought Seche Vite today because my topcoat is running low, and I thought I had a 25% off coupon at CVS. (That’s another story–those coupons expire too fast!) I decided to splurge on the decidedly more expensive at $9.99 Seche Vite. (Yes, next time I’ll order it online for less money.)

I’m so glad I didn’t put it back! Polishing my nails this afternoon was record-fast, as the Seche Vite soaked through and dried my polish completely within ten minutes. I could absolutely have gone and taken a nap and not have a smudge. And it’s super shiny. Yes, it smells terrible; the chemicals are on overdrive, but I DON’T CARE. SHINY.


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