Wearing Greed on Your Feet

Are designer shoes “worth it?”

Black Gladiator Sandals

I read an article today on FabSugar about a look at designer shoes. In it, I found some of the statistics shocking. Initially a pair of luxury shoes, Manolo Blahniks, cost just shy of $400. Now, the average pair of shoes at Barney’s costs $770, and Blahniks can top $4,500.

Yellow Suede

Material costs have gone up, and there are certainly some costs associated with the goods used in luxury shoes. But raw materials for shoes made in Italy are around $100 for even the most elaborate shoes.

Neon Pumps

So why are the shoes this expensive? Because we allow them to be. Part of the pricing is based on what retailers think the market can handle. Simply speaking, luxury shoe manufacturers create enough buzz around their name that people will pay for name brand shoes. Shoes with a distinctive “look” (spindly Manolo heels, Louboutin’s red sole) can be even more expensive, because they are recognizably designer brands.

Nude Wedges

How much farther will this industry be able to go before it collapses under its own weight? Or will we start to see $700 shoes as “normal”, and $7,000 shoes as being ridiculously extravagant? for the short shelf life with some of these outrageous fashions, are they worth it? And for basics, would it be better to buy some quality-made shoes without the designer label for 1/5 of the price? Personally, I don’t want to live in one pair of expensive shoes when I could have MANY pairs of reasonable shoes. Just my opinion. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Wearing Greed on Your Feet

  1. I agree, I have a really hard time purchasing shoes that are anything over $50 unless I’m just totally in love. Target has some really great options for so cheap! I’d maybe get an expensive designer pair in like a black or nude pump–something I know would last forever–but besides that, I think it is smart to stick to the affordable options. Love the comparisons by the way!

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    1. Thanks for your comment! I would love to buy a pair of designer shoes, but I am far too practical for those prices! And it is rare that a designer (aside from Alexander McQueen) makes a shoe that you can’t find something similar at a much lower price. And I wouldn’t want those ugly Gaga armadillo shoes anyway. 🙂

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