Three Days Until Mad Men!

I’ve been looking forward to this particular “updated Mad Men look” post! Super much. Because it’s about Don Draper’s preferred type of DF. Sometimes he slums with the beatnik chicks. Most famously, Midge Daniels, the artist.

Beatnik is the easiest of all the looks to achieve. It is unstructured (aside from the tight tops) and easy, especially after the rigid looks which required a boned girdle. And it’s seriously mix-and-match. Boatneck top, skinny crop, flowing midi skirt/dress, ballet flats, and a wool beret.

Beatnik Mad Men

Serious tip: invest in a good wool beret. It holds its shape, doesn’t pill, and never looks cheap. The trick to wearing a beret is to take the “lip” around the opening and fold it under. While holding it with your thumb, put it on your head. It will rest snugly but effortlessly. And tilt it! It’s impossible to wear without a touch of irony, but that’s okay.

I’m so hoping that Peggy turns a little more beatnik. She seems just like the kind of girl with the right ideas to hang with that crowd. I was disappointed when that storyline never really played out on the show. Especially as Abe was a little better than her usual d-bag pick.


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