Four Days Until Mad Men!

Sorry I missed yesterday! I was up grading essays until midnight. Life got in the way of blogging about Mad Men. I know, my priorities are all out of whack.

It’s time to have a Mad Men Party! Or at least Mad Men cocktails. I think I need to have a fully stocked bar cart to really do Mad Men justice. Because to be a Mad Man means to have a social life that won’t stop. Dinner dates with different women every night. Cocktails. Steaks. Cigarettes and heartache.

Maybe some chopsticks and sake.

Mad Men at Cocktail Hour

As we move further into the 60’s, the fashions are set to get wilder, as this sneak preview from Season 5 shows:

Oh, my mercy. Pete, your jacket is making my eyes bleed. I included a couple of flowy shifts to go with that style.

You need some major bling to pull of Mad Men cocktail style. Keep the necklaces short and bold, and the rings HUGE. And multiple strands of pearls, of course. I love these champagne colored faux pearls.

Mad Men Style Jewelry

Today’s little Mad Men Bonus? The official AMC Mad Men Cocktail Guide! Make me a Pink Squirrel, darling!


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