Six Days Until Mad Men!

Continuing our countdown: Mad Men at Home! Welcome to Betty (Draper) Francis’s domain. She put out some canapes and some white wine for you all. She’ll be in the back taking a few of “Mommy’s Little Helpers”. (Or am I confusing Mad Men with Valley of the Dolls?)

If you want to have Betty’s style without Betty’s problems, slip into a day dress in a pattern and an apron, or, for garden work, your capri pants and cute top. And ballet flats! Beaucoup ballet flats! In patterns, mais oui.

Mad Men at Home


Go to Amazon for the Mad Men “How to Succeed in Business Draper Style” Special FREE download. Fifty-seven minutes of early Mad Men glory!

Favorite Moments in Mad Men, Part 2: Season 1, episode 6. Betty vs. the Pigeons

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