Seven Days Until Mad Men!

How long has it been since Mad Men has been on the air? Approximately a MILLION YEARS? That’s how long I feel I’ve been waiting! I cannot believe that it’s finally coming back! I’m on tenterhooks for Sunday, so I decided that my entire week here on the blog will be inspired by Mad Men!

Oh, Don Draper, you cad, I've missed you.

Let’s start where the Mad Men cast spends most of their time: at work! Updated retro style must be cool, clean, and stylish. Pencil skirt, shift dress, chunky heel–DONE. Get it!

Mad Men at Work

The look is more Joan than Peggy, but I’m more of a Marilyn than a Jackie, anyway.

Sleek, smart, reasonably priced! If you have a little more to spend, Banana Republic has another Mad Men Capsule Collection this season that is amazingly gorgeous.


Favorite Mad Men moments, part 1: Lois and the Lawn Mower (Season 3, Episode 6)


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