Abandoning My Glam Bag

The title makes it sound sadder than it is. After all, the word “My” is deceptive, for I never truly felt like My Glam Bag was MINE. I kept thinking I wanted something entirely different.

Last month I got my first My Glam Bag, and thought, “meh.” This month I got another bag, and again thought, “meh”, but in a different way.

Let’s go through the good, the bad, and the meh.

First of all, I thought the bag was cute this month. Love the abstract flowers in orange, green, blue and purple. Also, the brands were higher-end, which addressed my complaint last month. There were two samples from Murad, one from Keracolor, and one from Pur-lisse. The bonus was a decent shader eye shadow brush and case. I actually have a shader brush which is softer; I think mine is natural hair and this one is synthetic.

And now on to my issue with this month’s bag. It’s entitled “0.17, 0.14, 0.015, and 0.17.” Those are the fluid ounces included, respectively, in my samples for Keracolor Color Enhancing Leave-in Treatment, Pur-lisse Essential Daily Moisturizer (MORE MOISTURIZER!), Murad Eye Lift Perfector, and Murad Absolute Bronzing Booster. Tiny, tiny samples! If I stopped by Sephora, they would give me samples that size or larger for free. Plus, even if I could use them more than once, foil sachets don’t keep their contents once they’re open. The only thing in a decent sample container is the bronzer, and I don’t bronze! I’m too white–it makes me look like I rolled in red clay. I got a coupon for Dermstore, but again, it’s a “spend to save” deal–buy $50 worth, get $25 off. I tried to go on the site last night, and it kept freezing up on me. I may buy some things I would buy anyway to use the coupon, but not necessarily.

Basically, there were no full-size products in this bag, no makeup products (which is why I signed up) except for the bronzer which I don’t want, and the “deluxe size” samples are anything but. It just isn’t good value for my money.

So Birchbox wins my hard-earned product sample money! Yay, Birchbox!


2 thoughts on “Abandoning My Glam Bag

  1. I got the exact same stuff as you did. I have olive skin tone and the bronzer looks like tinted moisturizer on me so I’ll be able to use it, but still I would have liked something else. I don’t like any of the other samples and my makeup brush smells SO bad! I really want to cancel.

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