Choose My Satchel

I need a little help from all the tasteful ladies out there…and any gents (I love gentlemen. I just don’t really expect them to hang out here.)…it is time for a little luggage upgrade. I want a weekend bag, and my heart is set on a rolling duffel. Nothing too sporty, always classy, something that looks more like a satchel than a sports bag. I’ve picked four that I like, now I need your help. Which should I choose?

Mellow World Carnation in Burgundy

DVF New Hearts Rolling City Bag in red/purple

London Fog Cambridge Rolling Bag in black

Anne Klein Country Club Bowling Duffel

What do you think? Leave me a comment with your favorite, or add one of your own!

Thanks for your help!


2 thoughts on “Choose My Satchel

  1. I really like Mellow World Carnation. I’m always a sucker for a nice houndstooth. I would take a good look at it first. Sometimes houndstooth can look inexpensive (cheap) depending on the fabric. If the fabric looks fantastic up close, it’s really a toss up.

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