Spring Dresses to Wear Now

It feels like spring! After all the warnings people gave me about severe, snowy winters, it has been the mildest winter in years, so I’m told. The sun is shining, the temperatures are moderate. Plants are starting to bloom. I’m almost hoping that a blizzard will come through. Mostly for the snow day, though. But in the meantime, I want to wear spring dresses! If you’re with me, I have put together some outfits with spring dresses that you can wear now on these sunny chilly days.

Wear it Now 2

Full skirt dress, $50
Quiksilver denim jean jacket, $52
Forever 21 pointelle tight, $7.80
H&m shoes, £7.99
Striped scarve, $30

Warm up a pastel eyelet dress with a pair of knit tights and a scarf. A jacket is a must; a denim one is good inside and out.

Wear it Now 1

Striped dress, $43
Black military jacket, $29
Western boots, $36

A filmy dress can be worn with a warm cardigan. Cowboy boots are all-season, so they don’t look like a juxtaposition with the dress–just sweetly country.

Wear it Now 3

Dorothy Perkins purple dress, $28
Lauren Conrad embellished cardigan, $30
Wedge high heels, $46
Turquoise bead necklace, $21
Coral ring, $16
Kate Spade enamel ring, $48

The sherbet colors of this outfit make it feel so springy, but a long cardigan will keep you warm. Later on, you can wear all the pieces except the sweater. (Please, one belt only–take off the dress belt when you wear the cardigan belt.)

Would you wear spring dresses in winter? Or are you an “all things in their season” type?

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