Girl Crush

Remember that girl in college, the one who kind of blew you away with her awesomeness? For me, that girl was R. She stood out from the crowd of Communications majors in their Birkenstocks and flannel with her flawless complexion, big hair (love some big hair!), and her perfectly turned-out appearance. I was in awe, and a little bit intimidated, too. I couldn’t imagine that a girl who used a seamstress to custom-make her dresses would want to be friends with me.

However, I came to learn that she was one of the sweetest, funniest, most generous people ever. We shared a love of music, clothes, and makeup, as well as a crush on a very talented pianist of our acquaintance. We also shared enough bitchiness between us to criticize the pianist’s undeserving (in our opinion) girlfriend. She introduced me to my favorite red lipstick, Clinique Angel Red, and made me think it might be okay to wear a crinoline under a fancy dress.

PYTs in (nearly) matching dresses and red lipstick! Soulmates even at 18.

The years passed, and we drifted in and out of each other’s lives. R. got married to a wonderful guy and had two adorable girls. She’s in radio broadcasting, so the people she talks to every day can’t actually see her. We finally got to see each other in the flesh over Thanksgiving, and she was still gorgeous and sassy and lovely. But she admitted something shocking: she has slipped into “Zombie Mommy” mode, where so much energy is put into her family that she hasn’t really bothered with herself.

She decided that this year, she’s going to find her inner glamour girl again. To document this journey, she’s started a blog, The Lipstick Gal. So go, say hi, support her in her endeavour, and give her some ideas and challenges. She’s also on Twitter at @TheLipstickGal. She’s just getting started, but I think some of you who are wives or mommies will relate to R.’s life.

And for the rest of you–go be glamorous! You’ll be glad you did.


6 thoughts on “Girl Crush

  1. I can’t believe you posted this picture! I remember the night we took this picture, and how glamorous we felt. I look at it now, and it looks so 1993. Love you so much, but I still can’t believe you put this picture out there for all to see. Thanks for your support girl. You’re the best.

    1. Just be glad I didn’t post the picture of you with your headband over your eyes, pretending to play the piano like Stevie Wonder! Yes, this picture exists.

  2. I will for certain follow because I can TOTALLY understand. I’m not a good writer otherwise I would have my own blog! About this same thing….and I’m too lazy to start a blog. Haha!! I can wait to see what she has to offer!

    Welcome R!

  3. I’ve never really been a glamour girl but I can completely relate to the Zombie Mommie mode. Maybe her journey will help me evolve my inner glamour girl that has spent years trying to break free πŸ˜‰

    L, you still don’t look a day over 18 xo

  4. We share a mutual friendship for R. I’m so glad she started a blog, and she suggested that I take a gander at yours. So far, I’m enthralled! πŸ™‚

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