Inspired by Downton Abbey

Is anyone else obsessed with Downton Abbey? I haven’t watched PBS so avidly since Saturday night had all the British comedies. I’m a total Anglophile, and Downton is a dreamy show. Set in the early 1900’s, the divide between the upper class and the lower class is portrayed in one busy household. Currently we are on season two, and in the midst of World War I. Big drama!

Obviously, the tastemakers are the three Grantham sisters. They have caused some of my friends to beg for an updated Downton Abbey style post.

Disclaimer: these are not, nor are they intended to be, authentic period clothes. There are very few places you can go dressed as one of the Downton ladies. They merely have some features of the period dress.

Dresses inspired by Downton Abbey

Dorothy Perkins gray dress, $27
Quiksilver empire line dress, $49
ASOS ruched dress, $39
Shiny dress, $43
Old Navy ruffle dress, $23
Dorothy Perkins evening dresses gown, $17

For day dresses, a combination of long and flowy and short with delicate details.

Downton Abbey Jackets and Shrugs

Bellatrix chiffon shirt, $40
Floral shirt, $50
REGENCY black jacket, £57
Victorian coat, $110
Bolero jacket, $28
Free people, $20
Black/White Short Fitted Striped Blazer, $30
Burgundy Red Velvet Gothic Victorian Fitted Corset Jacket from The

Cover up your day or evening wear with a chiffon or lace bed jacket or a cutaway coat.

Downton Abbey Hats

Halogen brim straw hat, $28
Bow hat, $35
Made of Me bow hat, $18
Black hat, $12
Goorin striped hat, £6
American Apparel brim hat, $44
Forever 21 floppy brim hat, $15
Brim straw hat, £10
Tarnish bow hat, $28

Even an updated Downton look wouldn’t be a complete without a hat!

Downton After Dark

ASOS sequin cocktail dress, $45
Vintage lace dress, $100
Lauren Conrad floral maxi dress, $43
TopShop maxi dress, £30
Ryu lace dress, $65
Oasis long sleeve maxi dress, $17
Lace cocktail dress, $50

These dresses won’t require a maid to get you into them–but maybe that’s part of the beauty of dressing for dinner in 2012?

If you’re looking for a GENUINE Downton look, try Nataya. Original designs are based on period pieces; this line has been around for a while–since the movie Titanic, I believe. The dresses are gorgeous, and just updated enough for a formal occasion.


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